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Section 5: The church & young people

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Jenei Powers

on 19 May 2015

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Transcript of Section 5: The church & young people

Part 1: You Have Been Called
We need gifts and skills to first hear our call and keep our relationship with Christ
We need to learn how to read scriptures in a prayerful way
We need to receive the grace of the sacraments
God constantly calls all of us into communion with himself and others
We are called to be apart of the church
Article 53: Christ Enriches Us through Participation in the Life of the Church
Christ offers us three important ways to get to know him: the Scriptures, the Sacraments, and personal prayer
When reading the Scriptures we not only learn about the passion, death, resurrection, and ascension, but we also encounter Jesus himself
We are called to the Sacraments because they are gifts from Christ that bring us face to face with God.
The sacraments fall into 3 categories: Christian Initiation, Healing, and the Service of Communion
Prayer is a door to Christ that can be opened at anytime, but can only be opened from the inside; our side.
Article 54: Called to Community
God teaches us that he wants his people to live in harmony with him, with creation, and with each other.
"Some friends bring ruin on us, / but a true friend is more loyal than a brother," Proverbs 18:24
A true friend helps us to grow in our faith and as members of the Body of Christ
Service opportunities in the church are related to its three meanings
The Church is also diverse, its members coming from every nation and people
The Church calls everyone into communion with our belief in our faith and relationship with God.
Part 2: Sent with the Holy Spirit
Being a disciple of Jesus means being a part of his mission
Prayer and sacramental life are key aspects of discipleship
Discipleship takes place in everyday life
Article 55: Sent as a Disciple
"You are the salt of the earth," (Matthew 5:13)
Christ calls us to bring out the true flavor and goodness of the world not only in ourselves, but in others
"You are the light of the world," (Matthew 5:14)
Jesus tells us that we shouldn't waste our youth that we all have talents and gifts bestowed upon us that we should express and not hide
Our gifts and talents are needed by the Body of Christ around the world
Article 52: Called by God to Belong to the Church
The Church is the convocation or assembly of people whom God calls together in a special relationship with him.
Baptism: we were incorporated into the Church. We died and rose with Christ and were freed from Original Sin.
Reconciliation: we were able to receive God's mercy for sins we had committed.
Eucharist: we receive the sacrament that is at the center of our faith
Confirmation: through this sacrament we receive the Gifts of the Holy Spirit
Section 5: The church & young people
Article 56: Discipleship in Daily Life
We have opportunities everyday to live like a Disciple
Mornings are the hardest for most people, but we can do many things to make mornings more enjoyable by getting things ready the night before, going to bed, and having healthy interactions with people.
Any troubles we have during school, with our thoughts and feelings, or on weekends we can always ask God
Being a disciple is up to us
A disciple is one who makes conscious choices to follow Christ's example with treating others with care and respect, spending in time prayer, being truthful, and letting God take the lead
Article 57: Empowered by the Holy Spirit
In the Nicene Creed, the Church comes under the works of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is central to the life of the Church.
The Holy Spirit enlivens the mind as well as the heart
The gifts of the Holy Spirit help us to honor God through our abilities and talents
When planning ahead, planning on what will happen to us after high school, whether we want a family, and who will take care of us when we are older, we need to consider putting our life in communion with the Trinity for all eternity
The Holy Spirit calls us to the Church, to Christ.
Sacred Chrism: perfumed olive oil that has been anointed
Age of Reason: the age at which a person can be morally responsible
Aspiration: A short prayer meant to be memorized and repeated through out the day
Body of Christ: Jesus' body in the Eucharist, or the Church
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