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Biology 151 Presentation 1

No description

Sashoy Milton

on 19 May 2017

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Transcript of Biology 151 Presentation 1

Vitamins are essential to the body for development and everyday functioning, however most are not produced by the body itself.
As a result, vitamins are typically obtained by humans through their diet or vitamin supplements.
Map of Vitamin A Deficient Regions
Golden Rice
This is a variety of rice modified to produce beta-carotene in the edible parts of the rice. Created to try and salvage those in countries in which Vitamin A deficiency leads to death.
Vitamin Deficiency

Statistics show that in 2012, in the US, about 10% of the population had signs of vitamin deficiency, with some cases leading to death.
According to Authority Nutrition, in the US the most common Deficiencies include:
Biotechnology and Vitamins
N.B. The only vitamins produced by the body are vitamin K and D.
To minimize the occurrence vitamin deficiencies, biotechnology is used to produced mass amounts and lower costs of the required vitamins.
GR is described as Biofortified, because now it contains higher levels of beneficial substances than it naturally would.
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