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North African Region

No description

Allyson Hinsom

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of North African Region

North Africa
By: Hannah and Allyson
Location:Morroco, Algeria,Libya, Egypt, Tunsia.

Landforms: Sahara Desert, Libyan Desert,and Atlas Mountains.

Climate: Desert, Meditteranian, Steppe,Tropical Rain forests
Who are they? They are
Nomadic Herders. They
are also Arabic, Berber,
Sunni Islam, Sudanese Nomads,
Nuer, Dinka, Shilinka, and
Nuba. What are they like? They raise goats, sheep, and camels.
Are they having issues surviving
in the modern world? Yes, some
are becoming truck drivers
because that is a modern day
Nomadic Herder person.

What types of government?
Morroco: Monarchy
Tunisia: Democracy
Algeria: Democracy
Egypt: Democracy
Lybia: Dictatorship
Sudan: Democracy

Are governments effective? Why or why not?
The goverments are not effective because the people of North Africa cannot read or write due to the lack of money and education that the government cannot provide.

Traditional people Physical Geography Government Popualar Culture What are these countries like today?
They are...
Rural Farmers
Nomadic Herders
Urban Dwellers
They also have trading exports and they organize camel caravans. Also they invent new clothing patterns. Would you like to live there? No, because you wouldn't get a good education. Also the health care isn't the best.
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