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Fractions - 3rd grade

No description

Nicole Snow

on 6 January 2014

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Transcript of Fractions - 3rd grade

Sample PARCC Question
Part A
Sample PARCC Question
Part B
Sample PARCC Question
Part C
Just keep in mind...
Fractions and Common Core
things we know
I can show and understand that fractions are equal parts of a whole. 3.NF.1

I can label fractions on a number line because I know the space between any two numbers can be thought of as a whole. 3.NF.2

I can explain in words or pictures how two fractions can sometimes be equal. 3.NF.3

I can compare fractions by reasoning about their size. 3.NF.3

I can show whole numbers as fractions.(3 = 3/1) 3.NF.3

I can recognize fractions that are equal to one whole.(1 = 4/4) 3.NF.3

Singapore Math

Teach to Mastery Using 3 Steps
Fraction Circles
Pattern Blocks
Fraction Bars (tiles, strips)
Hands-on activities for students

Solve problems using numbers and symbols
Drawing the concept
activity idea
It's important to show the parts with the whole
Use post-it notes to show parts of a whole. Students can draw and fold post-its to show different ways to make the same fraction.
activity idea
important to recognize wholes and parts can look different
Why is this important?
Sample PARCC Question
Part D
Sample PARCC Question
Part E
Good Resources

If this university has trouble with fractions, our students certainly will.
Create "Fraction Life"
- I am the better 1/2 of my marriage
- 3/5 of my pets are chickens
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