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Autobiography & Biography

No description

Callie McBride

on 28 October 2013

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Transcript of Autobiography & Biography

On the pink post-it, write what you
about autobiographies and biographies.
On the yellow post-it, write what you
want to know
about autobiographies and biographies.

Steve Irwin
Leader- Family life
(Married? Do they have children?)

Reporter- Education
(Where did they go to school? What did they study in school?)

Recorder- Accomplishments
(Why are they famous? What are they well-known for?)

Materials Manager- Interesting details
(Tell me any extra information you research about your person! Example; When was his/her birthday?)

Group Biography
A biography tells key facts about a person and it is written by someone else.

It is about a real person, but is not written by the person. It is written in 3rd person.

The author must know a lot about the person and research the person, so that they can write a lot about them.

Provides details that show events in a
person’s life.
A biography might talk about a person’s
achievements, things that have happened to
them, and their likes and dislikes.
An autobiography tells events in a person’s life and it is written by that person.
It is written in 1st person because it contains facts about the author’s own experiences.

An autobiography describes influences upon the author.
A teacher
An achievement
An autobiography describes interactions between the writer and significant people in his or her life.
Role model
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