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"The Baby Party" By F. Scott Fitzgerald

Short Story

Emma Turbyville

on 19 February 2013

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Transcript of "The Baby Party" By F. Scott Fitzgerald

Mother of Ede
an emotional person
everything revolves around Ede
Edith symbolizes a caring mother for her child
Mother Figure "The Baby Party"
By F. Scott Fitzgerald Works Cited By Emma Turbyville Character/Symbolism John finally comes and gets into a fist fight with Joe Markey
John then comes back with a bloody face and has cuts and scrapes all over.
Mr. and Mrs. Markey arrive at their doorstep and John insists on Edith apologizing to them
The children have characteristics of adults while the adults act like children The World Revolves around one's child Theme Fitzgerald, F. Scott. “The Baby Party.” Heart’s International. n.d. Web. 12 Feb. 2013.
F. Scott Fitzgerald. N.d. Photograph. Princeton University Library. New York Times. Web.
Faber. Private Life. march, 16 2010. Photograph. Book. By Jane Smiley. Web. How I fell for Scott Fitzgerald. Fitzgerald Musings. Laura. 11/27/2011. Web. 14 Feb. 2013.
Dreamstime; Little Boy in Pajamas with Teddy Bear. Web. 8/24/2012. Lemonade Couture. Old Time Girl Dress. Web. 2012. Setting A family household Plot
Father of Ede
Ede interests him
he feels old, not physically but had experienced many life struggles Even though his daughter Ede brings happiness into his life
Acts like a child by getting into a fight with another parent
Symbolizes and adult parent, but acting like a child John Andros Ede Two and a half year old littler girl
Attends a baby party for another boy named Billy Markey
Symbolizes happiness
Has characteristics of an an adult A young couple named John and Edith attend a party with their daughter Ede
Ede wanted a bear that another kid was holding name Billy Markey
Ede takes the bear and makes Billy cry
Edith argues with Billy's parents, Mrs. Markey and Joe Markey Edith John was sad, but his child is more important Mrs. Markey Mother of Billy Markey
Host of the party
Symbolizes being a mother figure to her son
Becomes very upset with Edith Joe Markey Father of Billy Markey
Gets angry with Edith and John
Symbolizes being an adult but acting like a child Video Billy Markey 2 year old little boy
Gets pushed by Ede and starts crying
Symbolizes the characteristics of an adult
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