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How a Support Community Drives Online Product Engagement

No description

Trapper Markelz

on 5 October 2012

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Transcript of How a Support Community Drives Online Product Engagement

How a Support Community Drives Online Product Engagement @trappermarkelz trapper@meyouhealth.com Health portal failure Second visit 30%
Third visit 15%
Fourth visit 7.5% Assuming 50% enrollment on 10,000 people
you are left with 17 people Engagement
problem? Founded in 2009
Hired a diverse team
Launched in 2010
Scaled up in 2011
21 employees (hiring!)
Rolling out customers Boston-based subsidiary of Healthways Created to solve the "engagement problem" A light-weight intervention 1,500 persons
IRB approved
Launched April 25th Random Controlled Clinical Trial Can Daily Challenge improve well-being? Network-based invites The Social Graph of Well-Being N=6441 Groups of unhealthy people Groups of healthy people Our Community Groups of both healthy and unhealthy people "Studying 30 network characteristics identified betweenness, number of previous invitations, and a proxy for cluster identification as having the largest combined association with the probability of accepting a Daily Challenge invitation." - Activate Networks
July 2011 View at: http://myh.be/engaged The "Chopraverse" red = Deepak Chopra member
blue = non-chopra connection "Have you ever been told by a physician or nurse that you have depression?" Can we use this data to go beyond describing the problem and start prescribing action? red = yes
blue = no
green = don't know Engagement Reminder
email at 4pm.

Click the DONE button when ready. Share how
you did it & support your friends. Get your well-being score and track it over time. A population well-being intervention Invite anyone to join you on your journey. You receive an email at 7AM
(or SMS) Published in the Journal of Medical Internet Research Less like this More like this Can we restructure the network? ABC World News How can you help? 1. Do we know what the most ideal structure is?
2. How do we restructure these networks?
3. Can we simulate which nodes will turn? trapper.markelz@meyouhealth.com "the web doesn't work!" Gamification The application of game dynamics, mechanics, and aesthetics, in a non-game context that results in the creation of a social framework. Behavioral Momentum Endless games Achievements Appointments Progressive Unlocks Communal Discovery Countdown Streaks Reward Schedules Gifting Lottery Leaderboards Modifiers Accountability Points Missions Status Virtual Currency Levels Pacing Gephi connected to MySQL using Force Atlas 2 or Force Atlas
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