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The First Commandment

No description

Carson Bastian

on 16 April 2015

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Transcript of The First Commandment

The First Commandment
What does this mean?
It means that you should not believe in other gods.
Basically, you should only believe in God the Father.
How to obey and how not to obey
You can obey this commandment by not believing in the false religions and only believing in the one true God.
Believing in other gods and not believing that Christ died for our sins is not following this commandment.
Interesting facts
In the past, people in Asia used to believe that seven people could be in heaven and become the "chosen ones". Today people still believe in this nonsense, but now it spread all over Asia.
What gods you should not believe
If you believe or even think about them, STOP!
Even more interesting facts
Egyptians believed almost anything they said to them, even when they saw cats, they would shave their hair and eyelashes.
More Interesting facts
If you like Santa Claus and you believe in him, then you're in bad luck. He actually took away the part how Jesus was born and instead put a guy who controls elves.
Zeus, the greek
god of lighting
Anubis, the
god of death.
Isis, the
cheif egy-
ption god.
the god of
oceans and
sea life.
Apollo, the
god of the
You shall not believe other gods.
More info

When we came into the world, we believed in God, but now only very few believe in him.

When will this end?
Every day, more and more people believe in God, but also more and more people are falling away from him.

In conclusion, their are many gods out there, but God is the REAL God.
Nobody can understand it, but soon we will know when we go to heaven and live with our Father in heaven.
loses from
real God
not real god
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