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King Lear- Act 4

No description

Ashley Ramos

on 15 November 2012

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Transcript of King Lear- Act 4

King Lear: Act 4 King Lear:
Act 4 The End Plot Summary >Madness
Imagery >Blindness- Shakespeare makes blindness out to be more of a mental impairment than a physical one.
- Gloucester
-King Lear

Symbolism Characters >Edgar: Gloucester's older son
>Gloucester: Lear's loyal retainer
>Old Man/ Tenant: Helped Gloucester
>Goneril: Lear's eldest daughter
>Oswald: Goneril's servant
>Edmund: Gloucester's younger "illegitimate"son
>Albany: Goneril's husband
>Various messengers
>Kent: Lear's loyal friend
>Cordelia: Lear's youngest daughter
>Regan: Lear's second daughter
>Cornwall: Reagan's brutal husband
>King Lear Theme Scene 1:
> Poor Tom leads Gloucester to the Cliffs of Dover.
Scene 2:
>Edmund goes to see Goneril
>Albany and Goneril argue.
>News reaches them that Cornwall is dead.
>Goneril decides to write a letter
Scene 3:
>Albany decides to switch sides.
Cordelia finds out about the state of his father.Scene 4
> Cordelia sends soldiers to find her father

Plot Summary Scene 5:
>Oswald goes to give the letter to Edmund, but finds Regan and she becomes suspicious.
Scene 6:
>Gloucester thinks he fallls down the cliff and meets the fisherman.
> Gloucester believes that he is saved by the Gods.
Cordelias men find Lear.
>Oswald Dies, and they find the letters.
Scene 7:
>Lear and Cordelias reconsolation. Justice: The death of Cornwall and the immenet fall of England can is seen as justice pervaling
Betrayal: Goneril betrays husband and sister. Betrayal is seen as inevitable through the play.
Despair: Those who took over have been overcome with despair, with no safe way out.
Redemtion: Albany tries to redeem himself in switiching sides and ganing revenge. Cordeila forgives Lear, and Lear forgivess Gloucster By: Alejandro Meza, Janique Patterson, Angelica Rodriguez, Ashley Ramos, Yasir Najimi

British Literature 2322:.060
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