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EMS Road to Success

No description

Tyler Bishop

on 6 October 2013

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Transcript of EMS Road to Success

The English Modern School, Al Khor - Road to Success
Step 2 - Fill the school with people
Step 3 - Get the Show on the Road
Step 4 - What does the future hold?
Step 1 - A New Building in Al Khor
The brand new school looked good on the outside before any projects began
And then the day came...
Then we added colour!
Water coolers
Smart Boards
Soap Dispensers
etc, etc, etc.
And started many projects
Welcome to EMS
The Leaders
JC, Tyler, Lisa
English Modern School - A Place Where We Belong
1st Assembly
Enhanced Library
KG1 - Year 12

New Secondary School?
Address all Facility and Resource issues
International Trips
Competitive Sports Teams
Drama & Art Programs
On-site Maintenance Staff
Our Dream :
English Modern School
The School of Choice in Al Khor
Media Program
Third Language Training
Classroom Reading
25 Classrooms
Music Rm, Art Rm
Library, Gym, Cafeteria, Kitchen
2 Computer Labs
2 Science Labs
6 Covered Play Areas
Prayer Room

231 students

KG1 - 48, KG2 - 40, Year 1 - 38
Year 2 - 18, Year 3 - 15
Year 4 - 18, Year 5 - 12, Year 6 - 11
Year 7 - 15, Year 8 - 9, Year 9 - 7

Changing every day!
Teachers - 25
Teacher Assistants - 10
Office / Support - 6
Custodial - 4
Security - 3
Bus Drivers - 3
Doctor - 1
After School Activities
We love our new school!
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