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The Fucha River

No description

Brighit Rojas

on 28 May 2013

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Transcript of The Fucha River

only in its two first kilometers the water of the Fucha River is pure and drinkable. It is necessary to take care of the river so that it will become another water supply since the current water resources are depleting The End Source of the river Fucha Escuela Normal Superior Distrital Maria Montesori
English project work "My place in this planet" The Fucha River
Student-Teachers: Johan Hernandez Vargas, Brighit Rojas Gonzalez
FC-I - 2013
Submitted to teacher: Nora Ismenia Rodriguez Duarte •Ubaque: because the river limits with this town.
•San Cristobal: There was a smiling image of this saint on a stone
•Fucha: name given to the snails that used to live in the river with which necklaces were made Nowadays, the Fucha River is known for being one the rivers which contributes with the biggest amount of pollution elements to the Bogota River because it crosses the whole industrial area, so it gathers most of the garbage and wastes on its way Rationale: This project work was born in the English class in the frame of the project “My place in this world” by integrating the experience of the pedagogical expedition to River Fucha in the academic space “Catedra contexto ciudad aula urbana”. The River Fucha runs through a channel on the north side of our school , at this point, the river show high level of contamination. Cybergraphy:
- http://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/R%C3%ADo_Fucha
- http://www.buenastareas.com/ensayos/Proyecto-Rio-Fucha/322379.html
- http://sancristobal2.bligoo.com.co/contaminacion-del-rio-fucha#.UZPwobU2abp
http://www.proriofucha.8m.com/nota_0003_mayo_11_05_historia_rio_fucha.htm Objectives:
- to recognize the contamination generated by the different practices or bad habits that is realized of daily form.To raise awareness about the need to protection of water sources in Bogota
-Recognize the Fucha River as an object of study to become aware of the pollution and health. A few minutes from the center of Bogota is the wasteland of Green Cross, and there in the middle its forest the Fucha River is born Recent studies of the Fucha River have determined heavy metals as the main pollutants, zinc was found too. The Zinc Heavy metals
Where is the Fucha River born? social awareness Fucha River tributaries

· Tenidero or Santa Catalina
· Mills
· Hortua or small Fucha

Rivers and canals the Fucha basin:
· Channel the Communards
· Canal Albina
· Channel River Fucha
· Canal Rio Seco
· Channel San Francisco This River is known under several names: This River runs through the districts of San Cristobal, Antonio Nariño, Puente Aranda, Kennedy and Fontibon the fucha River travel Tour to The Fucha River source Table of contents 1. The fucha River video
2. Names that receive the fucha River
3. Where is the Fucha River born?
4. The fucha River travel
5. The problem of pollution
6. Social awareness and video Credits *Brighit Rojas: design, picture, information.
*Johan Hernandez: information, Videos.
*Nora Rodriguez (Theacher): suggestions, corrections.
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