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Unit 2 - Webpage Creation

Year 11a3 - OCR Nationals Unit 2

D Wild

on 15 October 2013

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Transcript of Unit 2 - Webpage Creation

Task 1
Task 2
Task 3
Unit 2 - Webpage Creation Y11
Who's this bloke?
Mr. Wild
What have you found?
From your research what did you find out about the way in which websites are designed for their purpose and target audience?
Your Task
We have reached the end... Nearly
Your final challenge is...
Hello Year 11
Consider the following questions...
What are your favourite websites?
What types of websites are they?
Why create a website?
Churchill's brand new...
ICT & Business Studies Teacher
Your Task:
Churchill Community College
Look at 3 different websites...
1. A news website
2. An E-Commerce website
3. A website of your choice
Keep it clean!
Study each of the websites and complete the spaces on the "Website Research" worksheet.
Go to...
Shared Documents
ICT & Business Studies
Mr Wild
Year 11
Unit 2
What design techniques did they use?
An all new website for young adults.
You have been asked to write a proposal for a brand new website that will be used in school.
Your task is to write a proposal to your headteacher explaining:

What the website is about
Who it is for
Why the school needs it or why it would be useful
How you plan to develop it, what might it look like.
TIP: Use Microsoft Office WORD
Decide what the website is going to be about.
Explain what it is about
and its purpose.
Decide who the website is going to be aimed at.
Remember: It is a school website
Make your proposal as to why
your headteacher should allow it.
Describe your vision to them in detail.
What are your proposals?
Take the paper mobile you have just been given...
In the space provided write a text message to a friend explaining everything you have learned this lesson.
You must fill the space and abbreviate (shorten) as many of the words as possible, as you would an actual text message.
Welcome back Year 11
Writing your proposal
Lesson 2 & 3
Candidates will produce
a proposal for a website.
This will include some detail of purpose and target audience.
Candidates could produce a proposal for a website.
This may include details of
purpose and target audience.
Candidates will produce a proposal for a website. This will include details of purpose and target audience.
Key questions you need to answer in your proposal...
1. Website title
2. Website theme
What is it going to be about?
3. Purpose of the website
Why is it needed?
4. Who are your target audience?
5. Describe your house style
Colour, text, images?
Lesson 1
Lesson 4
What are the similarities and
differences in these two images?
Pair work!
Think about the type of media they are...
What is a Site Plan?
A site plan is a hierarchical structure of web pages which will form the basis of your website.
OR - In simpler terms...
A site plan is a drawing which shows what pages you will have on your website and how they link together.
It may look like this...
Task 1
Make a Site Plan for your website.
Task 2
Finish off your Proposal if you have not yet done so.
Create a draft design of your Home page.
Lesson 5
What makes an effective Home page?
In today's lesson...
House Style
does it have
Describe the
that is used
Write your idea on a sticky note and place it here.
What's good?
What's bad?
Task 1
Type up a list of features that make a Home page effective.
Task 2
Create a hand-drawn design of your Home page.
Start designing your remaining web pages.
Use the design sheet to help you!
How's it going?
Swap your Home page design with someone else.
Take a look at their design...
Write down on the back of their sheet...
3 features they have used
3 additional features they could include
Use the site plan template to help you.
Lesson 6
Task 1
Complete & print your proposal and site plan. (15 mins)
Task 2
Complete hand drawn design of home page. (10 mins)
Task 3
Research images to put in to your website. Save these into an images folder in Unit 2.
Use the design sheet to help you!
Lesson 7
Why do we use colour?
In today's lesson...
work well
How might we use
on our website
Write your idea on a sticky note and place it here.
Good colours?
Bad colours?
Task 1
Decide on your colour scheme.
Building our homepage!
Go to:
Find the best colour scheme for your website.
- Print screen the colours you have found.
- Paste it into a Word document.
- Explain why you have chosen these colours.
Task 2
Build your Master Page.
Your Master Page should include:
- Background
- Logo
- Navigation Bar
What is a Master Page?
A Master Page is, as it suggests, the Mater of all the pages on your website.
Anything you place on the Master Page will be visible on every other page you design.
Master Pages
Using different types of Hyperlinks?
In today's lesson...
How many ways can we use
Fill your spider diagram!
Using different types of Hyperlinks?
In today's lesson...
Today you are going to learn how to use different types of hyperlinks as part of your navigation system.
3b-Navigation Bar
3e-Image Mapping - HotSpots
3f-Buttons (Rollover)
You will need to gather evidence to show that you are able to complete these tasks.
Crate a new folder within your Unit 2 folder and call it "Hyperlinks"
Create a new word document for each of the hyperlinks you create, use the title on the left as the file name.

Your screenshots will be pasted into these.
3c-Text Hyperlink
3d-Image hyperlink
3g-Hyperlink to External Websites
3h-Hyperlink to E-mail
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