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Plant Root Cells

No description

Joey Andrew

on 28 January 2016

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Transcript of Plant Root Cells

The prezi is by Joey Andrew
My choice of cell was a Root Cell
The cell type is a Eukaryote Cell
It is in the Kingdom of Plantae
Microscopic Images
Special Role
The root has the role of collecting water and nutrients.The root has a special feature to allow it to gather the water,using its tip it grows down penetrating the dirt in search of water.
General Items
The Root
Plant Root Cells
By Joey Andrew
Legend (key)
C.L.M. stands for compound light microscope
S.E.M. stands for scanning electron microscope
T.E.M. stands for transmitting electron microscope
Here is an image of my model
Nucleus and Nucleoulus
Cell Wall
Cell Membrane
Golgi Complex
Abilities and Uses
Cell Wall:Is a tough but flexible material surrounding the cell.
Cell Membrane:It supports the cell and the organelles and only lets certain things pass through.
Cytoplasm:Like the floor of the cell, it is a jelly like liquid that helps things move easily through the cell.
Vacuole:It is a container that can hold water, food/energy, and waste.
Mitochondria:It creates energy to power the cell.
Ribosome:It creates proteins for the cell.
Chloroplast:It contains chlorophyll and it is a part of the process of photosynthesis.
R.E.R:It folds proteins and makes new cell membranes.
S.E.R:It is a network of tubes of which molecules travel.
Nucleus and Nucleoulus:The nucleus holds the nucleoulus and that holds the DNA.
Golgi Complex:It packs proteins to be shipped out of the cell.
Lysosome:It digests anything that is not supposed to be in the cell.
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