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Recruiting in 2014

No description

Dan Gleeson

on 24 April 2014

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Transcript of Recruiting in 2014

5 Strategies
Employee Referrals
Social Media
3rd-Party Recruiting Services
Direct Sourcing
I want to pass along to our team the basics of recruiting in 2014 and the changes we've made to stay relevant and effective in this modern world.

Including...a practical understanding of Boolean Logic.
Employee Referrals
Social Media
If you want to reach Millennials, do as the Millennials do!
Recruiting in 2014
Modern Strategies for the Modern World
I want everyone, especially those involved in Park Place's talent acquisition, to understand WHAT we do and WHY we do it!
"Recruiting is just sales with a crummy budget."
-John Sullivan
If we have any hopes of succeeding, this forces us to:
1. Be efficient
2. Try new things...innovate!
Track and evaluate
each strategy
Did you know?
Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer's first job with Microsoft was as a recruiting coordinator!
Unlike years past, this CANNOT be your only recruiting strategy!
However, it can be an effective tactic in particular situations if used correctly. Posting to job boards can be a low-time-commitment way to get an opportunity in front of a specific type of candidate; to place the opportunity where our "ideal candidate profile" goes to look.
ANALYZE: Research which posting sites reach which audiences, and as always, continually track the effectiveness of each site.
30% of our hires in 2014 were through (online) job postings.
The best way to hire!

Referrals are the #1 Fastest time-to-fill

Referrals are #1 in retention rates after 1 year of employment

Referrals are #1 in application-to-hire ratio (1/3 vs 1/18)
The new E.D.G.E. program raised our % of hires from internal referrals 10%
From 43% of our hires to 53%!
3rd-Party Recruiting
: Use as infrequently as possible!
Direct Sourcing
While time consuming, "direct sourcing" is still the best way to find the top passive candidates out there. This can be as targeted and specific as your medium allows.

This isn't a precise category, but is generally said to include:
Mining resume databases or professional networks
Good ol' fashioned phone work. "Who do you know?"
Search Engines / Boolean searching
The modern job-seeker wants a human being to relate to in the job search, not a cold, faceless corporation. Communication and Interaction are key!
Today's Job hunters want:
To be Innovative
Career Development/Leadership Opportunity
Workplace Flexibility
Work with a Mission/Purpose
Community Impact, A business that cares

Broadcast! Interact! Brag! Tell your network!
This not an "instant results" strategy!
It takes time and effort to build an effective network.

The larger the network,
The larger the audience,
The more reliably effective your recruiting will be!
Our @PPTcareers Twitter handle is our first venture into this FREE recruiting medium.
Agency recruiting is essentially using an outsourced recruiting service, usually specifically for sourcing candidates earlier in the process. There are incredibly high costs, and control over the process is exchanged for a bit of time savings. In short, as long as we have adequate manpower, EVERYTHING THEY DO WE CAN DO BETTER AND CHEAPER!
3rd-party usage has declined at PPT:
2011 - 11% of total hires, 2012 - 7%, 2013 - 3%
Whether it's LinkedIn's network or the depths of Google, the language you must learn to speak to effectively search is called "Boolean".
Career Fairs are basically "Post-n-Pray" IRL, though those candidates are in a unique situation...
Boolean Logic
Named for
George Boole
(1815-1864) who created the prototype for Boolean Logic and was fundamental in the development of computer science and digital logic.
What is it?
A language of "operators", "modifiers", and other commands used to create logic strings. In a practical sense this "language" is similar to algebra and is used to create complex and specific search parameters understood by search engines.
site:linkedin.com (inurl:in OR inurl:pub) -inurl:jobs -intitle:profiles -inurl:dir (deloitte OR "ernst and young" OR "ernst & young" OR kpmg OR pwc OR pricewaterhousecoopers) (manage OR manager) (accountant OR accounting OR accountancy) "Cleveland/Akron, Ohio Area" -recruiting -recruiter ("project manager" OR "project management") PMP audit
I'm looking for: LinkedIn profiles for people in the Cleveland area with an accounting background, management experience, project management experience (ideally a PMP), audit experience, and a history with one of the "Big 4" accounting firms.
This can be done with ONE SEARCH!
AND (space)
NOT (-)
many more!
...then just add keywords!
Imagine the Possibilities!
Attendee and speaker lists from the 2013 Data Center World Conference
Board seats and local chapter membership lists of the American Women's Society of Certified Accountants
Contact info for every registered trainee of Sales Performance International's latest training webcast
Yahoo! Answers or Quora mega-experts within a particular marketing specialty
This list is only limited by your imagination!
If it's on the internet, it's up for grabs...
as long as you know how to look!
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