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First PLC: Web's DOK

Web's DOK presentation

Becky Paslay

on 28 April 2013

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Transcript of First PLC: Web's DOK

The staff will become familiar with Webb’s Depth
of Knowledge.

The staff will read, discuss, and write summaries of Webb's Depths of Knowledge. a Common Core State Standards (CCSS) overview Webb's Depth of Knowledge Common Core State Standards En English language Arts
Standards for Mathematical Practice BIM Alignment between standards and assessments Depth of Knowledge (DOK)
Level 1

Recall and Reproduction A student answering a
Level 1 item either knows
the answer or does not;
that is, the answer
does not need to be
"figured out" or "solved". Depth of Knowledge (DOK)
Level 2

Skills and Concepts Depth of Knowledge (DOK)
Level 3

Short-term Strategic Thinking Depth of Knowledge (DOK)
Level 4

Extended Thinking Engaged in conducting investigations
to solve real-world problems
with unpredictable outcomes. Each grouping of tasks reflects a different level of cognitive expectation, or depth of knowledge, required to complete the task. facts, terms and/or properties of objects (procedures/formulas) basic Includes the engagement of some mental processing beyond recalling or reproducing a response. use of information in a context different from
the one in which it was learned apply coordination of knowledge and skill from multiple subject-matter areas A short-term use of higher
order thinking processes to
solve real-world problems
with predictable outcomes. generalize employ and sustain strategic thinking
processes over a longer period of time synthesize DOK implies the interaction of how deeply a student needs to understand the content with different ways of responding and interacting with the content. Review norms
Start & end on time.
Be fully present.
Participate with an open mind. Materials: Webb’s DOK guide and Text Rendering worksheet
I DO: Present on the Overview

Report out
First Round: Each person shares a sentence from the document that he/she thinks/feels is particularly significant.
Second Round: Each person shares a phrase that he/she thinks/feels is particularly significant.
Third Round: Each person shares the word that he/she thinks/feels is particularly significant.
The group discusses what they learned about the text.
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