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ENG 3U1 Short Story Project

A Cap for Steve

Michael jiang

on 9 October 2012

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Transcript of ENG 3U1 Short Story Project

A Cap for Steve Story Structure Introduction Rising Action Climax Falling Action Conclusion Characterization Literary Devices Theme Steve and his dad Dave Diamond were first introduce
as a shy,big eyed kid and his father as a small wiry man with a quick temper. The family was introduced as a poor family and that Dave learned how to make every dollar count in his home, with Steve having to learn to know the value of money as well. Steve loved baseball but Dave was disgusted by his failure to appreciate the family need for a few extra dollars and forbids his son for talking about baseball around the house. When the Phillies come to town, Steve beg his father to take him to the game. Dave was outrage but Steve had his mother Anna side so he made a bargain with him. Steve worked hard and eventually Dave took him to the game. After the game Steve went to go get autographs from the players. When outfielder Eddie Condon made a run for it from the fans he drop his hat right in front of his feet. When he later notice Steve's white,worshipping face and pleading eyes, he said "Aw,let him keep it". Steve later couldn't believe how happy he was and now always wore it for the next couple of days but one day when he was playing ball at park he came home late and said he lost his cap. 2 Weeks later Steve saw a boy wearing his cap and they argue about who cap it was but later the discussion led them to go the boy fathers house, who was a lawyer. Dave and the boys father Mr.Hudson discuss the importance of the hat to their sons but when he'd ask if they are willing to selling it for $5 dollars, than raised to $10, eventually $20. Dave asked his son what do you say and he said I don't know. When Dave sold it he was so happy and thought his son was impress liked he was but all Steve thought was that his father let him take it away from us and that he doesn't want to be like his father and ran all the way home on the opposite side of the road. Steve ran home to his mom and told her that we found a boy with my cap and dad let them take it away from his. Dave denied this and told mother what happen and took the money of his wallet. Her mother than soothing Steve and Dave felt ashamed. Later Dave sat by himself thing thinking about how his son has contempt for him and look at the money but hated the sight. Finally he got up and went to Steve room and told him how he made a mistake and for the failure he has been, the way he didn't realize how much he loved baseball. Promising to use the money to buy a new pitcher's glove and play catch, watch his games and help him in the lane. Steve forgive his father and said Dave knew how important the cap was. Steve Dave Anna Steve was first introduced as a shy character this first shown when he trying to get autograph so he let the other kids block him out and stand aside but later when he found the boy with his cap he didn't back down when he was faced against a bigger boy this was shown in this quote"Dave was surprised that his own shy boy did not back away" Dave was a small wiry man who work as a carpenter's assistant. At first Dave was a very quick to get angry man and loved to value money but later on he turned to realized that money wasn't everything and that his family was more important. His love for money over his son was shown when he sold his son favourite cap for $20. When his son ran home saying he doesn't want to be like him he realized money wasn't everything. This was shown when he was at home he said"He looked at the money and hated the sight of it","We could take the money and buy a new pitcher's glove for you and a catcher's mitt." This showed he didn't care about the money anymore. Anna was always introduced as a sick a lot wife. but her character who understands everything about the problem. She acts more mature than Dave and Steve. In the story she tries to understand Steve’s feeling, at the same time, she also tries to be gentle with Dave, too. She acts like this because she understands both sides’ feelings. We know that understanding other people’s feeling is something not easy for everyone to do. However, I think Anna do understand all of them and makes her more maturity in the story. Change Dave Diamond undergoes the greatest change in the story because at first all he ever cares about is earning some extra money and get mad whenever his son goes out to play baseball after dinner instead of doing some more work. Later in story when he see how upset his son got when he sold his cap for $20 he finally realized that the cap is more important to his son than any amount of money in the world. This made him to finally believe in his son activities and even offer to buy baseball equipemtn and play with him. Metaphor- "What he saw in Steve's face was more powerful than the hurt to his pride Allusion- The allusion in the book was to Eddie Condon of the Philadelphia Phillies which are part of the MLB.

Foreshadowing- A Cap for Steve shows like a foreshadowing type of story in which you could kind of realized money was the main issue and would be somehow affecting story later on. The theme of the story is money from the very beginning, it helps develop protagonist. Money is a common theme throughout the story.Dave`s pride hurt from Mr. Hudson; who is a very powerful and wealthy,man. Dave cannot compare himself to all of what Mr. Hudson has. Dave chooses Mr. Hudson`s twenty dollars over his son`s happiness. Failing to realize the importance of the cap to his son, takes the money thinking that both him and his son feel similarly about the power of the money. In this film a high-powered sports agent on the rebound, Maguire learns to value people above money. This is what exactly Dave had to realize in the A cap for Steve short story to finally fully have a healthy relationship with his son This book about how Money over Mastery, Family over Freedom tells the story of how slaves seized opportunities in these conditions to protect their family members from the auction block. This relates to A Cap for Steve because people are selling family just for money By: Morley Callaghan
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