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Rock/Metal Music!!!

No description

Gayle Curry

on 4 November 2013

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Transcript of Rock/Metal Music!!!

People think metal or rock music is bad to listen too!!! And some parents BAN there kids from listening to it! but its not bad! they can listen to it Metal is just another way of music and shows who the person is and feelings! not Trash that going to the side of the road and im not saying you have to listening to it! You can if you want but rock music is like country music just harder and loader and its a fact look it up cause both kinds of music tells a story in there music!!! so ya you dont have to like it but people think its bad and dumb cause it screams or has load lyices and stuff! its not like rappers doing drugs and raping for us to try it NO!! rock songs to not do that and not to be bullys to one anothers!!

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Rock/Metal/dubstep/techno Music!!!
By Shantell fiveash

Metal/Rock Music!
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