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Having fun with Instagram - a guide and tips

An introduction to Instagram the photo social network. Including tips and tools to get the most out of one of the most exciting iPhone apps of 2011.

Steven Gutierrez

on 27 April 2011

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Transcript of Having fun with Instagram - a guide and tips

Having fun with Instagram (like a pro) Access Instagram
via a web browser *Not official
(but still very fun) What is
Instagram? Where can
I get it? What does
it do? What are the
privacy options? How can I use
Instagram like a pro? It's a
photo community It connects to
for easy sharing Search for: Instagram Only for Apple iOS devices (iPhone and iPod Touch) It has lots of
photo filters It's freeeeeeee! Photos & filters Take
photo Choose
filter Popular

Photos from the global community News

What your friends are doing Community & profile You don't have to share if you don't want to! It still makes a great photo app even without the community and sharing Add hashtags #
& *Emoji icons Don't forget you can import photos into Instagram * Use this link to find out how to enable Emoji on your iOS device

www.tinyurl.com/enableemoji * www.inkstagram.com Only iOS (iPhone, iPod, iPad) devices will show Emoji characters

...Even if they haven't enabled Emoji on their device The rest is up to you... And of course...
You can find lots of cats! ...Try adding an effect to your photo from another app such as Hipstamatic or Diptic Profile

Find friends and organise your account For your photos... Tip: hashtags only work when you use them on your own photos Although they can't be used with hashtags # What cool profiles should I follow? 1. 2. 3. This is how you search for profiles Find the author of this presentation

Search: 'ssgssg' or 'Steven Gutierrez' Entertainment:
inkedfingers Fashion:
burberry Comedians:
alexblag Advertising:
advertisingweek Pets:
saukuraboston News:
npr Get started with these profiles Created by Steven. Say hello on Twitter: @ssgssg
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