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Perceptions of Gender Differences

No description

Rasheen Williams

on 1 June 2016

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Transcript of Perceptions of Gender Differences

Criticisms Military Women Face
Many people have expressed a variety of ideas like Ted Cruz, why men should be the sole protectors of our freedom. Unconsciously, Cruz was naming one of the many factors women have faced that downgrades their ability in the military. For example, some of these factors include:
Women do not possess the physical and mental capacity that men do to lead soldiers
Women are more prone to use sexual harassment policies
In the article, "two opposing views on women on the battlefield," Elaine Donnelly president of the conservative think tank center for military readiness, stated an example of women's incapability when power struggle is an issue. Her scenario was with an infantry soldier when he is wounded on a battlefield and needs to be carried out to safety, she says that if the closest soldier is a female support soldier, "no matter how brave or courageous she is, no matter how hard she tried, she would not be able to evacuate the soldier on her back. There is no excuse for anybody's son, an infantryman, to lose his life because the co-located soldier nearby was a female soldier, rather than a male soldier, as required by regulation."
Conflict Theory
The ideas in the conflict theory relates to the topic of gender inequality in the military. Conflict erupts between the haves and haves-nots. For example, men in the military have no jobs restricted from them. In 2013, The Army and Marine Corps opened 91,000 male restricted jobs to women. However, women still have 240,000 jobs restricted from them. Theorist claim, this is a source of conflict that permeate society, thus distributing resources, power, and prestige unequally.
I think you mean
Social Policy #1
Negativity toward women capability in the military can be lessened through equalized standards across the board for both men and women. For example, there is the Army Physical Fitness Test or APFT which has the male standards and female standards. Both must complete push-ups, sit-ups and a two mile run to pass the APFT; but males between 17-21 must do a minimum of 42 push ups to pass. Females between 17-21 have their minimum to pass at 19 repetitions. This simple difference breeds negative thoughts in males. There could be no doubt in these women's strength if they did what the man next to them did on these events.
Social Policy #2
Women can gain another victory in the war against inequality in the military through change of the selective service policy. Currently, women are not required or allowed to register with the selective service so that they may be drafted if needed. This is another issue of inequality that bears negativity because men are required to register with selective service. That this still remains in effect today means there is still question about women's ability in the military.
The path to understanding women's value in the military

Perceptions of
Gender Differences in Career Progression in the Military

Women who take the oath and put on the uniform deserve the same respect that men receive. The capabilities of women should not be capped by opinions, but they should be given the chance to prove themselves; like the two women who went to ranger school, one of the hardest schools in the military and passed. These two women showed that barriers could be broken and all it took was perseverance.
Rasheen Williams, Melissa Fernandez, Ashley Roberts
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