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Final And Final presentation of Pakistan Studies

Made by All group members efforts

Prem Kumar

on 20 April 2011

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Transcript of Final And Final presentation of Pakistan Studies

Electricity Theft In Karachi Submitted By:-
Yousra Qadir Memon(8777)
Sameen Khalid(8720)
Prem Kumar(9385)
Saad Rawala(9390) Submitted To:
URFI KHALID Section #B Introduction Electricity in Pakistan is generated, transmitted, distributed and retail supplied by two vertically integrated public sector utilities.

Water and Power Development Authority (WAPDA) for all of Pakistan (except Karachi), and the Karachi Electric Supply Corporation (KESC) for the City of Karachi and its surrounding areas. There are around 16 independent power producers that contributes significantly in electricity generation in Pakistan. Key Facts: At present electricity is generated by only 3 modes:

thermal (65%),

About 55% of total population is estimated to have electricity in Pakistan. In 2007-Pakistan is losing Rs80 billion annually on account of electricity theft and system losses in the power sector. Electricity Theft The energy sector in Pakistan has long been facing the gigantic problem of electricity theft.

Theft is not only a major reason for load shedding but the financial loss occurring from theft also does not allow electricity companies to improve upon their distribution system.

The KESC said it has obtained a fatwa or decree from 12 top Islamic scholars who declared the theft of power a sin. It is astonishing and disturbing to find that certain segments of our society do not even consider theft of electricity theft let alone immoral or illegal. Effects KESC Role As part of K.E.S.C compaign to combat electricity theft they have made use of the online medium along with the use of conventional media like tv and newspaper ads.

Most recently they have been seen making use of facebook and youtube as well.

K.E.S.C has its own youtube channel and its own monthly magazine called “AZAM” to promote themselves and to connect and pass on info to the masses.

They proposed that consumers should be made to use good quality cables and equipments in electricity meters and replace them after some time because a lot of energy is lost by old cables and equipment Advantages Of Policies Implemented They will be better able to get the the consumer feedback directly and be able to know what the consumers think about them. The current campaign, being promoted using all kind of media including online mediums, is called “they steal, we pay” or “wo karein, hum bharain” in urdu. The purpose of this campaign is to embarrass and punish people across the country who are committing the crime of electricity theft.

Kesc employees themselves were found to be involved in sabotage activities, like meter-doctoring, placing kundas etc and legal actions were taken against them. CONSEQUENCES OF ELECTRICITY THEFT Theft of electricity is a major factor impacting the financial health of power utilities adversely.

The theft is a main cause of energy crisis in Pakistan which has lead to frequent load shedding and outages.

Due to this theft the cost is bear by customers resulting in increased charges in the payment of bills.

Loss of revenue.

Illegal connections affect the quality of supply in the area which tend to overload the system thereby causing tripping resulting in power interruptions and voltage problems.

Illegal connections are dangerous as cables are often exposed and it can result in the loss of life.
Due the loss of income, eventually the consumers are affected as they have to pay high tariffs.

Due to the loss of income, eventually the consumersare affected as they have to pay high tariffs KESC Reasons And Solutions Consumers Prespective Of Electricity Theft And Solution (Questionnaire) The reasons for electricity theft are according to local population of Karachi are;

The meters are not available for the general public. If available, they are around Rs.15000 which is too costly and no one wants to have that, so “KUNDA SYSTEM” has been adopted in order to receive the electricity.

Others replied the reason for electricity theft is unannounced load-shedding which is the loop hole in the system.

Others blame on the individuals who are not paying the bills.

Some say that the KESC has failed to distribute the electricity properly among the individuals and industrial units.

No accountability system in KESC, which is the root cause of every theft.
some peoples say that government institutions are stealing the electricity by KUNDA SYSTEM, because of which we have adopted the system from them.

Some say due to high consumption and more electricity tariffs, they have adopted this system. Reponsible for Electricity Theft? Consumers=53%
KESC= 47% What are the solutions? The following solutions are given by the general public.

The person who steals electricity should be penalized and news laws should be brought forward by the Government.

After privatizing the KESC, there is still a political pressure on the organization, which should be reduced in order to stop this theft.

Meters should be adopted in the areas where meters are not available.

The KESC should decrease the price per unit. By doing this electricity will become cheaply available and no theft will take place.

Our country Pakistan is moving from independency to dependency means Pakistan before used to make electricity from water; i.e. hydryl electricity but now moved towards the oil and gas which is are too much expensive. And are the reasons for high prices in the energy consumption. Recommendations to reduce electricity theft A constant check on the meters is required. Every geographic region must have a department to monitor the meters and penalize the defaulters.

To Promote awareness amongst the masses as to how to report any suspicious tampering of the meters.

It should be a practice to change the obsolete meters and cables to avoid electricity wastage.

Strict timely action on a massive scale is to be done by the upper management and the employees themselves need to be checked first for such illegal activity.

The most efficient way to fight against such cases is to partner with crime stoppers. People are fully aware of their neighbors and their activities.

Tamper detection tools need to be put into practice to alert utilities that a meter is inverted or tampered.

A very popular way to slow a meter is to use strong permanent magnets. The solution to this method of theft would be to use aluminum wheels instead of metal wheels in the meters.

The introduction of prepaid meters in the areas where the level of electricity theft is high.

Finally, a great way of combating this problem is the use of smart meters. The meters, with integrated billing functions, provide real time energy balance. This balance helps to detect illegal load immediately and in most of the cases to narrow investigation to just one low voltage circuit which further makes it easier to catch the specific defaulter. Electricity theft in KARACHI People steal electricity by hooking up a wire to overhead electricity cables, siphoning of off power without paying for it.

Another way people steal power is to slow down their electricity meters.
It is very important for such people to know that the theft of electricity is illegal, immoral and not acceptable as is any other form of theft.
Kesc is responsible for providing the electricity to Karachi and have finally decided to deal with the electricity theft in city.
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