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'Macbeth' William Shakespeare

Unit 1- Reading & Creating Texts

Louise Roberts

on 11 May 2017

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Transcript of 'Macbeth' William Shakespeare

Act One
Act Three
Act Four
Act Five
William Shakespeare
A Satisfactory Requirement.
The end product should reflect
four weeks of notetaking
Act Two
Due Monday 22nd of August
Macbeth Retold
Other Options
The Simpsons Season 20, Episode 20 - Four Great Women and a Manicure
Draw a table considering the prophecies and whether you would prefer Banquo’s, or Macbeth’s prophecies.
Make a list of Macbeth’s moral and immoral characteristics.
In a paragraph describe Macbeth and Lady Macbeth's relationship.
What evidence is present concerning Macbeth's bravery?
Is there a difference between being a soldier and a criminal?
Create the first scene as a film scene. Considering and write about the following:
camera angles
diagetic/ nondiagetic sound
There are 12 regal attributes Malcolm discusses with Macduff. List them and pair it with evidence to discredit Macbeth.
BBC Bitesize Video http://www.bbc.co.uk/schools/gcsebitesize/english_literature/dramamacbeth/macbethcharact.shtml
Thematic analysis
Themes Highlighted http://www.bbc.co.uk/schools/gcsebitesize/booknotes/#
Read Macbeth's soliloquy and in groups of 2-4 create a dramatic presentation.
The 'Is this a dagger before me...' soliloquy alludes to a plethora of classic symbols. Reference 4 and explain their meaning within the context of the scene.
Summarise Act Five in exactly fifty words & you must utilise evidence.
Chart the relationship of Macbeth and Lady Macbeth in one of the following ways:
a flow chart,
a timeline,
an extended poem/ rap,
a dramatic presentation, or
a pictorial.
You can work in groups of up to 4 people, have 40 mins and must include evidence to support the analysis.
Create a visual to describe the events within this scene.
Scotland, PA
Macbeth Student Rap
PBS 'Macbeth'
Macbeth Misfortunes
Plan and write the 1st body paragraph for the following topic:
'Macbeth does not deserve his death.'
To what extent to do you agree?
In a body paragraph explain the necessity of including this scene.
This is the audience's introduction to Lady Macbeth.
In 200-300 words give your first impressions of Lady Macbeth with regards to:
her relationship to Macbeth,
her attributes,
her desires and
quotes to support your analysis.
During this scene Macbeth mentions 'sleep' and that 'I could not say "Amen"'.
Choose one motif (symbol) to create a body paragraph:
explain the literal/ historical/ symbolic and contextual meaning
analyse how this could alter each character's persona or actions.
The Natural Order is an extended metaphor within this play. How does Shakepeare manipulate it within this scene?
Shakepearean plays will often have scenes that do not logically appear to belong. Why is this scene significant?
Read lines 1-43. Examining the prose and considering the subtext... what is actually occuring?
Macbeth applies several forms of persuasion to influence the murderer to slay Banquo. Give five examples and explain how he motivates the murderers.
There is a clear separation between Macbeth and Lady Macbeth. How does Shakepeare denote the changes in characteristics?
What are the unnatural events that took place (II, iii, 53-62; II, iv, 1-20; IV, ii, 1-26; IV, 3, 4-7) and why does Shakepeare include them?
In three groups create a dramatic presentation of this scene. You have a five minute limit.
The meddlesome weird sisters plot further with Macbeth. Choose six quotes to substantiate how, why and their purpose?
There are many references to nature within this scene. How does Shakepeare embed more meaning within these motifs?
Why does Macbeth grip so tightly to the witches' prophecies?
What is hubris?
Four motifs or themes were mentioned within this scene. What were they and give a quote for each.
What are the two most significant aspects of this scene? Why?
Stand up, walk & each time Macbeth needs to pause change direction.
Scene I
Scene V
Scene IV
Scene III
Scene II
Scene VI
Scene VII
Scene II
Scene I
Scene III
Scene IV
Scene II
Scene I
Scene IV
Scene III
Scene V
Scene VI
Scene II
Scene I
Scene III
Scene II
Scene I
Scene III
Scene IV
Scene V
Scene VI
Scene VII
Scene VIII
Scene IX
Lady Macbeth is to blame for her husband’s downfall. Discuss how relationship alters as the play develops.
How does Shakespeare display the qualities of a good king?
How does Shakespeare employ visions and hallucinations within 'Macbeth'?
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