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Words Connected to the Latin Root Word Port

The Latin root word port means to carry

kat barker

on 21 May 2010

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Transcript of Words Connected to the Latin Root Word Port

Port Portmanteau Port+manteau= To carry Cloak + A Suitcase type bag
that's usually used
for business or
travel Sport Dis+port= Away + Carry =Carry away An activity you like
involving physical excersize Important Im+port(ant) = Into + Carry =Carry into Something of significance. = = Import = To bring something or things into somewhere Im+port =To bring in Into+carry Export To send out
or to send something out Ex+port= Away + Carry =To carry away Deport De+Port = Away or down from + To carry To send away or banish from. Report Re+Port = Back, again + Carry To carry information back
to share with someone(s) Portcullis A sliding gate or
gate that slides open Port+cullis = Sliding or flowing + gate Portfolio An organizer for loose leaf papers = Comport =To agree with To carry = Words connected to the latin root word port.
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