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Jared Zoneraich

on 15 December 2012

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Transcript of Judaism

Judaism Erik Wu, Jared Zoneraich,
Roy Keren History Belief System and
Culture Calendar and Holidays Dietary Practices
The Laws of Kashrut Clothing Present Day Judaism
(Statistics) The Diaspora The Holocaust In the beginning... Main Principles Major Denominations Main Principles General Monotheistic - belief in one an only god
Major Prayer: Shma
God: Adonai

Main Books:

Symbol: Star of David Someone went to Rabbi Hillel, “If you can recite the whole Torah standing on one foot, I will convert to Judaism”

Hillel, “Do onto others as you would have them do onto you, that is the whole torah, now go study” Reformed
Loose interpretation of Jewish laws and rituals. Judaism should adapt throughout time.
Loose interpretations of Jewish laws and rituals, yet stricter than Reformed Judaism.
Strict interpretations of Jewish laws and rituals
Literal interpretations of Jewish laws and rituals Began during the Bronze age (circa 1300 BCE)

Patriarch = Abraham (at first Abram)

Established in Mesopotamia Babylonians conquered Judea in 587 BCE
Destroyed temple in Jerusalem
Exiled millions of Jews to Babylonia
Since then, many Jews live outside of the Jewish state. 6,000,000 Jews Died (out of approximately 16 million)
Concentration Camps (such as Auschwitz)

Jews were scape-goats
for the German
economy and troubles
caused by World War I 13.5 million Jews in the world (from 2010 census)
5.275 million in the US

0.2% of the world population are Jews
33.2% of the world are Christians

Countries with a significant amount of Jews:
Israel, USA, Canada, France, Britain, Russia, Argentina, Germany, Australia, and Brazil Lunisolar calendar
The year follows the moon while the day follows the sun.
Bar Mitzvah - coming of age (at 13) REASON: Separate Jews from others (identity)
Common Misconception: to protect from diseases Kippot - small caps, worn by men, used to cover one's head

Tallit - shawl-like garments, worn by men, used to cover one's shoulders

Tefillin - pair of black leather boxes containing biblical verses Hear, Israel, the Lord is our God, the Lord is One. Torah (Genesis, Deuteronomy, Leviticus,
Book of Numbers, Exodus) Talmud Ten Commandments Many other books (e.g., Book of Esther from which Purim comes from) Ashkenazi Jews
Eastern European
Name child after deceased relative
Language: Yiddish (German + Hebrew)
Sephardic Jews
Name children after living or dead grandparents
Eat rice on Passover
Language: Ladino (Spanish + Hebrew) Major Holidays (those that appear in the Torah): Yom Kippur Rosh Hashanah Shabbat Sukkot Passover (Pesach) Shavuot Fasting for a day
to focus on prayer
Repent on sins
May you be inscribed in the
book of life Most celebrated
No leavened bread for 8 days Most important
Every week
Example meal:
Matzo Ball Soup
Wine Lasts 7 Days
Sukkah is used to symbolize
the shelters the Israelites
lived in during their 40 year travel (after the Exodus from Egypt) New year

Shofar is blown

Shanah Tovah
(Have a good year) Anniversary of God giving the Torah at Mount Sinai Religion or Philosophy? Religious aspects of Judaism:
Many traditions, holidays and rituals
Have faith in one god
Many stories are based on miracles
Torah never mentions afterlife so it's debated
Philosophical aspects of Judaism:
Rabbis ask many questions regarding moral values Hanukkah and Dreidels Exiled Have been exiled ~109 times. Examples:
Expelled from Alexandria in 415 CE
Expelled from Germany in 1012 CE
Expelled from England in 1290 CE
Expelled from France in 1306 CE
Expelled from Switzerland in 1348 CE One Ritual:
Wave the etrog and lulav in the Sukkah Certain animals cannot be consumed at all
Birds and mammals must be killed in accordance to Jewish law

Blood must be drained from meat/poultry
Meat cannot be eaten with dairy CANNOT eat animals that died of natural causes or by other animals
animal must have no disease and have intact organs at time of slaughter
Ritual Slaughter - must slit animals throat (position of animal depends on specific animal) Religion Philosophy Belief in a god; faith Question morality,
afterlife, and existence Holidays and traditions Use of logic, reason, and proof Rituals Miracles Observational Spread of Judaism Works Cited "BBC - Religion: Judaism." BBC. http://www.bbc.co.uk/religion/religions/judaism/ (accessed December 7, 2012).

"Judaism 101." Judaism 101. http://www.jewfaq.org/index.htm (accessed December 8, 2012).

"Jewish History." The History of the Jewish People. www.jewishhistory.org.il/history.php (accessed December 9, 2012).

Simmons, Rabbi Shraga. "Ask the Rabbi - Reasons for Keeping Kosher." About Judaism. http://judaism.about.com/library/3_askrabbi_o/bl_simmons_kosherwhy.htm (accessed December 6, 2012). The destruction of temples
By Greeks

The War of Greeks vs. the Maccabees
Fought off the Greeks

The Miracle
Oil lasted for eight days

The Dreidel Blessings http://prezi.com/02c4u46cmcyl/judaism/
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