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No description

Danica McGaffney

on 21 January 2013

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Transcript of feed

By: Danica McGaffney Feed Connections Character Connections. A get well soon card from Titus to Violet when she is very sick.
Titus would send her a get well soon card because Titus really
cares for Violet despite what his friends have to say. Violet
open's his eyes to what life would be like without the feed and
the damage the feed is doing. Violet's shopping List Feed Word search Violet can connect with individuals
in our everyday world. Her idea of how
technology is taking over can be relate able.
I found this clip of a speech given a few months
ago about how technology is taking over our
world today and it made me think of
Violet's character in Feed. She can connect
with our everyday lives and it makes me
wonder if one day, we may have chips implanted
in our heads eventually. These songs has quite a few a similar aspects that relates to feed because in some ways it does describe the relationship developing between Titus and Violet. Both songs antagonist can relate to Titus because they are all sticking up for "their girls" and being there for them.
"Buddy Holly" by Weezer, can be used to describe some of the characteristics Titus beholds and also some of the actions Titus would do if he was in the situation. In feed, Titus Is arguing with his friends and they are beginning to fight. Titus is listening to violet when she tells his how she wants to go him but link and others don't agree. Violet and Titus take off but once they are in the car, they begin to fight. Titus is trying to figure out what is bothering her and he realizes that it wasn't just about what had just happened that passed night. In feed, violet says, "they just insulted me." I find this to relate the best to feed because in Buddy Holly, he says, "what's with these homies, dissing my girls." These two are relatable because they are both standing up for their girls and aren't happy with how others are treating them.

"Thank You (for not being one of them) written by the Mr. T Experience, the antagonist again is Titus and I can infer that he may be arguing with his friends about his relationship with violet. His friends were never very supportive of his relationship with Violet and they were always arguing with each other. They never seem to understand why Titus enjoys spending so much of his time with her and they don't see Violet the same way that Titus sees her. ~ Milk
~ Feed removal
~ Vitamins
~eggs Violet is a heath person and she watches what she eats the majority
of the time. Point Of View The novel is told from a first person point of view. Titus, who is the narrator tells his story through a first person P.O.V. Titus allows the reader to access his private thoughts. Titus provides details similar to those of a normal teenager. He gives observations and details regarding his surroundings from a teenager's perspective. We see what Titus feels is "cool" and "interesting" for his age. For example, when he meets Violet, "she can push juice out of her mouth and suspend it in midair." Those are the type of details Titus provides, whether they are about a juice trick, trendy clothing, nightclubbing or horseplay with his friends. Halloween Costumes This particular costumes I feel
would suit Titus in particular. I feel like he wouldn't really get into the Halloween spirit. He is one of those guys who may go out and party for Halloween. A Ticket to the Moon. This is the ticket Titus purchased to go to the moon. He believes that the moon is going to be so much fun but he learns that the moon sucks. He left for the moon on a Friday with all of his friends. FEED SEARCHES In Feed, when Titus first notices Violet, he trys to figure out what it is about her that is getting her attenion. He wonders if it is her spine and he says, "Her spine is like...? The feed suggested "supple."." Below is the definition of supple. (Page 14 of Feed.) I feel like Violet would dress up as a 50's lady because I feel like she can act very old fashioned and she doesn't care what others think of how she dresses or acts. Violet isn't like Titus, she wouldn't go out and party. Party Invite! When everyone get's back from the moon, the gang threw a party over at Quendy's since her parents weren't around. Fashion Trends. With the trends changing all the time, the girls can view new trends in their feed and switch immediately. They stay up to date changing outfits, hair styles, etc. as the trends in the world change. WALL-E & Feed ~ Trends change over time and they can be purchased through computers. ~Both have a setting partly in space. ~Both show the idea of technology taking over the world and society. ~Both show an example of a relationship that is harmed and has an obstacle to overcome. News Clips that would interest Violet Violet is very anti-technology (she fights the feed.) When I saw this video, it immediately reminded me of the book and her character. Violet = If I were to connect Violet to a Disney princess, i would connect her to Snow White. Snow White is told not to let anyone into the cottage by the seven dwarfs but she does not listen to them. Violet is told not to fight the feed but she does it anyway. Bedroom style for Titus Bedroom style for Violet. One of the main symbols in Feed is the
chip that all the characters have
implanted in their minds. Whenever the characters need to look up something, all they have to do is think about it and the feed will search it up. It will then be displayed in their minds. I believe that Titus would have a bedroom that would look something like this. He comes across as a very messy person and this bedroom seems to suit him very well. Violet may have a bedroom that looks similar to the one in this picture. It may not be as pink as the one in this picture but based on Violet's characteristics, her bedroom would be neat, everything would have a place and it would be organized beyond perfection. Symbolism When Titus first meets Violet and introduces her to his friends, the girls notice that Violet is very different. They talk behind her back about her and begin to gossip. They talk about how different Violet is and how she isn't like them at all. They don't understand what Titus sees in her at first and it feels as it they are trying to make Violet feel uncomfortable around them. Scrabble game between Titus and Violet. Violet's Playlist Based on everything that I have learned about Violet, I feel that her playlist would include songs that had a meaning and that were inspirational. Gossip..... This picture may be an example of a scrabble played by Titus and Violet. I feel that Violet's vocabulary may be more advanced her opponent. Titus may have spelt the smaller words where Violet would probably spelt the longer and more advanced words. 1.Unwritten- Natasha Bedingfield.
2. Firework- Katy Perry
3. Billionaire- Travis McCoy
4. Never Say Never- Justin Bieber
5. One Step at a time- Jordan Sparks
6. Fighter - Christina Aguilera
7. Good Life- One Republic
8. Mean- Taylor Swift
9. Life is a Highway- Rascal Flatts
10. Price Tag- Jessie J
11. Stronger (what doesn't kill you)- Kelly Clarkson 12. Skyscrapper- Demi Lovato
13. The Climb- Miley Cyrus
14. We R Who We R- Kesha
15. Who Says- Selena Gomez
16. We are Never Getting Back Together- Taylor Swift Which character is the best friend of Titus? I strongly believe that Link is the best friend of Titus because they both seem to support each other the most and are always there for each other. They also seem to be the closest. When Titus sees Violet and meets her, it seems that Link is the most supportive behind their relationship. Character Casting Titus Violet I feel that Emma Watson would do an amazing job playing Violet because when Emma is passionate about something, she really gets involved and that is a characteristic that Violet has. I believe Emma would do an absolutely amazing job. I feel that Josh Hutcherson would be an amazing choice for Titus. He could easily pull of a character like Titus. They share some of the same characteristics which makes him a perfect choice for this role. I feel like the characters in this novel need to go back to school and attend English classes. The way that they talk in the novel is very different than how we talk in our every day lives. The characters use "slang" words to describe events. They need a lesson that teaches them to use proper words and sentences. Violet's closet I feel like these would be some of the outfits in Violet's closet based on her personality. I could definitely see her in these outfits. Closet for Titus I feel that Titus might dress like these boys from One Direction. Based on his personality, I could see him wearing these styles. New Front Cover I feel that this picture on the front cover of feed is better suiting because it may give readers a better idea of what the story is about. I also find this new cover more appealing than the origial. For the passing reader, this may grab their attention more and they may be interested with this cover. FEED by: Violet's Diary Entry Dear Diary.
I am soo very nervous. Titus is coming to pick me up in an hour. I feel really special because Titus is taking me but I am freaking out. I have no idea what to wear to fit in. I already know Calista doesn't like ma and I just really want to fit in. I like to be different than the other girls but at the same time, I don't want to be treated differently. I don't know what to do. OMG I have twenty minutes to get ready.
Bye (: Violet's next diary entry! Dear Diary.
I don't know what is wrong with me, I just feel so weak. Titus was Feed chatting me and my Feed isn't working properly. Lately Titus just doesn't understand how complecated my life can be. He doesn't understand how expensive trips to the moon are and how much my dad had to work to send me on a trip there. Sometimes he just doesn't get it....... :( One more Diary Entry Dear Diary.
Titus was having a very strange nightmare the other night. I woke him up and explained how an intruder was poking around in my feed.I tried to call FeedTech, but I got an automated computer.I got angry and hung up. I asked Titus if he can feel the intruder in his own feed dreams. Titus asked who the intruder is, but I explained to him how I don't know. Titus went back to sleep and his dreams were normal. I don't understand what is going on but it is all really starting to scare me :( News Article that would interest
Violet and possibly Titus. http://www.cnn.com/2013/01/06/opinion/mlodinow-science-frontier/index.html This article would interest Violet because throughout the majority of the book Violet believes that the feed is taking over and no one seems to believe her. This article would give some evidence and make help to get others to believe her and save others. Feed Connections Titus and Violet's
first date ! Violet's dream trip Feed can connect to Romeo and Juliet very well. In Romeo and Juliet, the parents don't agree of their relationships because their families are enemies. In Feed, Titus and Violet don't get much support from their friends and families for their relationship. Both stories have a feud that is going on and they both don't get support from friends and family. Violet's Purse For their first date, I believe that Titus would take Violet for a nice not so romantic dinner and then to a movie. Based on the book, Titus doesn't seem like the romantic type so I feel like he may be awkward at first until he warms up around Violet. For the movie, I feel that Titus would avoid a romantic movie 100% and he would choose a comedy, action or even a horror movie. It would be a very interesting date. If Violet was able to plan her dream trip, I think that she would want to travel somewhere where she would help peope in need such as Kenya. Violet likes to give back and she isn't a selfish person. I believe that she would really enjoy herself in Kenya and it would be an amazing opportunity for her. A Dream Trip for Titus. If Titus got to plan his dream trip, I think he would want to go to Las Vegas. He always enjoyed going to party's and Vegas is Party City. Titus would really enjoy himself in Vegas and would be the perfect destination for him. Related to a Superhero. If Titus could be any superhero he wanted, I think that he would want to be Batman because based on how he acts and how he talks throughout the book, I believe that he would enjoy being able to fly. He doesn't seem like the type of person that would save the world but I definitely see him wanting the benefits. Meet the Author!!! Continuing Education FEED SEARCHES My favorite Part! I didn't have a favorite part of this novel. I found Feed very hard to get into but once I got to know the characters, I found it easier to read. I did find parts of the book to be lacking description and some parts were extremely boring. It did carry on quite quickly at least. If I would ask the author one question, I would ask how he got the inspiration to write this novel and did he have any inspiration. Family Tree Titus Steve (dad) Mom Brother Of Titus
(Smell Factor) FACEBOOK Name: Violet Interests: Fighting
the feed, saving the
environment and
being myself. Currently in a relationship
with Titus 98 photos of
Violet. The
End!! Song Connections
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