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Organizing Your Essay's Conclusion

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Leslie McBride-Salmon

on 7 November 2014

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Transcript of Organizing Your Essay's Conclusion

Organizing Your Essay's CONCLUSION
The final paragraph of your essay is the conclusion. You can easily write your conclusion using one of the following strategies.
Halloween Introduction
On October 31, Americans celebrate Halloween. Halloween means "holy evening." This is the evening before the Christian holy day of All Saints Day. However, Halloween is older than Christianity. Before Christianity, people in Britain believed that the ghosts of the dead came back on this day, and so they had rituals to scare the ghosts. Immigrants came from Europe to America and brought with them the custom of Halloween, as well as the many symbols and activities associated with this day.
Dragon Boat Festival
The Dragon Boat Festival is a significant festival in Chinese traditional celebrations. The Dragon Boat Festival is celebrated on the fifth day of lunar May. This holiday is to commemorate the death of Chyu Yuan, a well-loved poet of the fourth centrury B.C. Chyu Yuan drowned himself to protest his king's despotic rule. The villagers respected him so much that they rowed their boats down the river and dropped chung-tze, "rice dumplings," into the river to feed the fish, so the fish would not eat Chyu Yuan's body. To celebrate the Dragon Boat Festival, families do several things, like make chung-tze, hang the moxa herb, and watch the dragon boat race.
Superstitions in my
In the Middle East, especially Syria where I come from, people believe in some superstitions. Some of these superstitions are so strong that they are almost customs. These superstitions are about protecting against evil and bringing good luck. Two of the most popular superstitions are concerned with the evil eye and throwing water.
to Recap!
Your conclusion should. . .

summarize the main points or restate your thesis in different words
include a final comment or thought on the subject.
You can summarize the main points from the body of your essay.
You can rewrite your

using different words.
The choice is yours!
The best conclusions leave the reader with a final personal comment or thought about the topic.
Here are some examples.
In conclusion, Halloween as it is celebrated in the United States today still has many of the symbols and rituals brought over by the European immigrants. Although it is an old custom, it is a lot of fun. People will continue to celebrate Halloween for a long time.
The Dragon Boat Festival symbolizes the unique meanings of Chinese history; furthermore, the process of making the rice dumplings, the hanging of the moxa herb, and the boat race are a way of drawing all members of the family together again. Perhaps one day we will have a very different celebration, but so far I still like this holiday being celebrated in a traditional way.
In conclusion, certain superstitions have become rituals with the purpose of protecting and bringing good luck. Because people always want to be protected and have good luck, these age-old superstitions are as strong today as they were ages ago and probably will continue in the future.
Any Questions?
OK! Let's Practice.
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