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Secret Garden

No description

Daisy D

on 20 March 2018

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Transcript of Secret Garden

The Secret Garden
Literary Devices
Movie Trailer
The garden symbolizes the growth of Mary and Colin.

“While the secret garden was coming alive, two children were coming alive with it”. (248)
One of the central ideas in The Secret Garden is magic. What did you think was magical about this novel?
Question #1
The Secret Garden, as it’s title suggests, is a novel about secrets. What do you think were the novels most significant secrets?
Question #2
Julie-Anne Toda
Joanna Lacsamana
Bhupinder Dhaliwal
Daisy Dhaliwal

The Secret Garden
Background History of author
The Major theme of The Secret Garden is the idea magic and positive thinking.
Throughout the story the main characters talk about the "magic" of the secret garden.
However, the garden is does not have any special powers, but the magic comes from Mary, Colin, and Dickon believing that there is.
Major Theme
Literary Genre of The Secret Garden
The Secret Garden (1911) belongs to the genre of children’s literature known as family or domestic story.
It originated in the moral tales of Edgeworth and Sherwood in beginning of 19th century.
Motifs in The Secret Garden
The Secret Garden (1911) contains many motifs, but the most recurring concept throughout the story is secrets
Mary is kept as a secret while she lives in India
Colin is a secret to Mary
The most important secret is the mysterious garden that nobody has been in for 10 years.
“As long as you have a garden, you have a future, as long as you have a future you are alive”
...For everyone who didn't read the book!
Mary's loss of authority
In India Mary was considered the "Rajah", while in Misselthwaite Manor Colin was considered the "rajah".
By Mary realizing that she is not the "Rajah" anymore this teaches her to mature as a person, and in turn teaches her to be respectful and kind to others.
And over walls and earth and trees and swinging sprays and tendrils the fair green veil of tender little leaves had crept, and in the grass under the trees and the gray urns in the alcoves and here and there everywhere were touches or splashes of gold and purple and white and the trees were showing pink and snow above his head and there were fluttering of wings and faint sweet pipes and humming and scents and scents. And the sun fell warm upon his face like a hand with a lovely touch. (p.185)
Frances Hodgson Burnett was born on November 24th 1849.
Frances wrote the best selling book The secret Garden (1911), as well as the classic book The Lost Prince.
The Secret Garden (1911) is Burnett’s major contribution to the canon of children’s literature.
She was influenced by the work of romantic poets. Her memoir also emphasizes Burnett's lifelong obsession with gardens and the natural world.
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