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Money - Matilde ;)

No description


on 27 April 2014

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Transcript of Money - Matilde ;)

By: Matilde
Ms. Margot's Class
4 grade
24 of February, 2014
Bartering (Trading)
Currency (money or Objects)
Currency... Every and each religion has one. But it need's to be light and valuable + (plus) rare. It is is kind of trading or let's say it is part of trading. So it need's to be rare valuable and light not heavy.
Coins long ago were like special things well they were coins, but really special coins. It was very rare to find the objects to make it and to make the shape good.
Paper Money
Chines paper money, the man who invented it was called T'sai Lun. it was 1,900 years ago but only 700 years later used.
Hard to change stuff
Here is a picture
from the money from
like now, 2014.

Invisible money is not that recycled as other money. Invisible money kills a THOUSANDS of trees to be made! But we do need it! Invisible money can be: Checks, Credit cards and much more...
The needs of man kind have evolved over time.
If I'm smart,
Thanks For Watching

And you
can accomplish
lots of thing's
Bartering, maybe you don't know what bartering is but it actually is Trading, why i put it in capitalized is because it's the title! So as i was saying is that THOUSANDS OF YEARS AGO if you wanted to trade two pigs for a patato. You would not just not tell the guy "all give you this patato for two pigs so give it NOW!!!" even do he does not want the patato. So the first step is to find someone who has the patato and want's to trade two pigs, which that would make really hard to find the right person.
Not HEAVY!!!
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