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An Introduction to King Lear

No description

Sara Vidotto

on 27 February 2015

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Transcript of An Introduction to King Lear

An Introduction to
King Lear

One of the most significant themes and one of the reasons I like to study King Lear is its concentration on relationships, not only those within families but those with whom we
as our family. Watch the following video. What can you infer about relationships from it? What might it foreshadow about
King Lear
Background Information
Ideas to Ponder ....
Read each of the following statements and respond to any three. Do you agree or disagree? Why?
Watch the following video with your text, use the previous questions and make observations about what you are reading and watching.

1. "Honour thy father and mother."
2. Written language holds more power and promise than spoken language.
3. Clothes do not change who you are.
4. The truth always comes out.
5. Most people identify themselves with what they do --actor, athlete, doctor. Does your vocation, especially one you are particularly suited define you? How do you decide who you are?
6. Parents/teacher don't understand their children/students.
King Lear
(has three daughters)
Goneril -- eldest daughter
Married to Albany

How did she behave towards her father? What relationship does she have with her sisters?
Regan - second eldest daughter
She is married to Cornwall

What did you observe both in her language and in the video about her attitudes to her father and sisters?
Cordelia -- youngest daughter
Cordelia begins as unmarried but has two suitors -- Burgundy and France (they are named for the countries of which they rule). She leaves Britain to marry France

What does her behaviour say about her character?
Earl of Gloucester
(known as Gloucester and is Lear's friend) has two sons -- Edmund and Edgar
Earl of Kent (know as Kent)
is Lear's friend but is banished by the end of scene 1

What kind of relationship does Lear have with Kent?
To view, use the arrows at the bottom of your screen to advance.
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