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ENG 101: Class One

No description

Lori Stanton-Dinger

on 9 August 2016

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Transcript of ENG 101: Class One

Lori Stanton
email: lstanton@dtcc.edu
Cell: 302-270-5395

Instructor Information
Academic honesty
We expect all students to submit original, documented work. Cheating and plagiarism are not acceptable. All cases of academic dishonesty will be reported to the Office of Instruction. Work from previous semesters may not be resubmitted.
Cell phones/electronic devices
Cell phones and electronic devices should be silenced and are prohibited during tests. Their use is acceptable in instructor approved situations.
Extra credit
There is no extra credit offered.

English Department Policies
Critical Thinking
Read pages 3-17 (Chapter 1 Section 1) in Critical Approaches to Reading, Writing, and Thinking (CARWT). Take notes to be used on the quiz and mid-term. Complete Practice 1-5 and Practice 1-11.
Outside Teamwork
ENG 101: Class One
Introductions: Print your full name.
Cell Number.
One Lie about yourself and
One Truth, in no particular order
Walking Field Trip to the Writing and Tutoring Center!

Hosted by Nicole Truitt
Classroom Teamwork
Students who do not take a quiz/test/midterm by the due date as outlined on the course calendar will be given the make-up and will not be permitted to retake it if their grade is below a 75%.
Students who earn below a 75% as an overall score have the opportunity to submit a rewrite; the highest grade possible is a 75%.
Students must have a formal conference with their instructor or staff member in the Writing
Center before rewrites are accepted.
Students have one week to submit a rewrite.
English Department Policies (continued)
Late assignments
Because content in the course is cumulative, students may work on only one assignment at a time. No new work will be evaluated until prior assignments are completed correctly. Assignment due dates are firm. Any assignment submitted later than the date it is due
by the start of class
will be considered late. Please arrive early to class in order to submit to Safe Assign, if needed. Late assignments presented within six days of the assigned date will receive a maximum of 90%. Any late assignment received seven days or one week late will earn a maximum of 75%. No papers will be accepted after seven days,
which will earn the student a zero on that assignment.
Absence Protocol
Attending class is important to success in this course because possible chapter highlights, group work on key concepts and writing instruction happens each session. If you should need to miss class, please contact the instructor via email prior to your absence. Meanwhile, use Blackboard to access the class for which you miss. There, you should view the class presentation, which will identify what you missed, the homework for that session and any handouts that you may have missed. If you still have questions
reviewing the Blackboard files, please contact your instructor.
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