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Special Ed Refresh

No description

john wolf

on 30 April 2013

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Transcript of Special Ed Refresh

Special Ed Refresher:
Middle School Team What is IDEA FAPE: Free and Appropriate Education is,.. This originated from the Education for All Handicapped Children Act (1975) IDEA is the Individuals with Disabilities Act. It ensures that public schools educate children with special needs. IEP: Individualized Education Plan The IEP is a formal a contract outlining the services and support the school will provide.
An IEP must be developed before a student can begin receiving special education services and it must be reviewed and updated each year. an educational right of children with disabilities in the United States Prior to this Act, 1 in 5 disabled children in the U.S. were not being served by public schools. More than 6 million children nation-wide receive Special Ed support through IDEA. an educational program that is individualized to a specific child designed to meet that child's unique needs designed to provide access to the general curriculum designed to meet the grade-level standards established by the state designed to be a program from which the child receives educational benefit This group included children who were blind, deaf or labeled as "mentally retarded". Those who were being served were frequently "warehoused" in separate, unequal facilities. LRE stands for Least Restrictive Environment. The requirement is basically to education the child with disability in an environment most like that of typical children, in which the student can succeed academically. Rights of Parents include; The IEP process is in place to make school and parents equal partners in the process Right to review all educational records To be equal partners on the IEP team To file complaints with the state education agency Request mediation, or a due process hearing Difference between IEP and 504 Plan A 504 is used for students who may have ADHD but no other IEP qualifying disabilities. A 504 has no annual goals, only listing of strengths, areas of weakness, accomodations and modifications and services required (counseling, OG, etc.)
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