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Carbon Monoxide

No description

Loujaine Al Moallim

on 7 April 2014

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Transcript of Carbon Monoxide

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning
Marta Dzepina
Cassia Deering
Loujaine AlMoallim

What is it?
Poisoning on a Chemical Level
How to Reverse the Reaction
(and Stay Alive!)
Poisonous, colourless gas
To reverse the effects of the carbon monoxide, pure oxygen must be introduced to the body (Carbon, 2012).

It will react with the carboxyhemoglobin to produce properly oxygenated hemoglobin, along with carbon monoxide (Carbon, 2012):

Hb(CO)4(aq) + 4O2(g) <-> Hb(O2)4(aq) + 4CO(g)

The gaseous carbon monoxide produced is released into the atmosphere when the person exhales (Lower, 2012).
Poisonous, colorless gas
Also known as the silent killer
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Le Chatelier's Principle
How Is It Produced?
If you have the equation
Hb-O2 + CO Hb-CO + O2 (Chemistry, 2012)
As you add more oxygen to the system, you are increasing the concentration of products on the right side (Chemistry, 2012), so what will the system do according to Le Chatelier's principle?
CO is produced by common household appliances that burn fossil fuels
When not properly ventilated, carbon monoxide emitted by these appliances can build up
It will shift to the
Producing more reactants and decreasing the concentration of oxygen
In order for the initial concentration of the added substance to be restored
(Chemistry, 2012)
Hb-O2(aq) + CO(aq) O2(aq)+ Hb-CO(aq)
What happens then?
It is every change in a factor of a system in equilibrium results in a rearrangement of the system in order to oppose the original change (Lower, 2012).
CO poisoning causes brain damage and death (Cunha, 2012).
The Centers for Disease Control estimates that carbon monoxide poisoning claims nearly 400 lives, and causes more than 20,000 visits to hospital emergency

departments annually (Cunha, 2012).
Flushed face- carboxyhemoglobin appears redder than hemoglobin ("Carbon Monoxide", 2012).
Breathing low levels of CO over a long period of time can cause sever heart problems and brain damage ("Carbon Monoxide", 2012)
When someone inhales carbon monoxide gas, the normal hemoglobin-oxygen reaction is replaced by a hemoglobin-carbon monoxide reaction (Delorenzo, 2012).
Carbon monoxide tricks hemoglobin into mistaking it for oxygen because it also bonds to hemoglobin the same way, in groups of four (Delorenzo, 2012).
the equilibrium expression becomes:

The bonds between carbon monoxide and hemoglobin are about 300 times as strong as those between hemoglobin and oxygen, and this means a shift in equilibrium toward the right side of the equation—the carboxyhemoglobin side. It also means that the constant, K, for the hemoglobin-carbon monoxide reaction is much higher than for the hemoglobin-oxygen reaction (Real-Life, n.d). This is why carbon monoxide binds to hemoglobin much faster than oxygen.
Due to the affinity of hemoglobin for carbon monoxide, the hemoglobin puts a priority on carbon monoxide bonds, and hemoglobin that has bonded with carbon monoxide is no longer available to carry oxygen (Real-life, 2012). Why does carbon monoxide bind to hemoglobin faster than oxygen?
Bonding with Hemoglobin
Picture 6
(Cunha, 2012)
(Cunha, 2012)
Picture 2
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Picture 4
The best treatment is breathing pure oxygen, so that you can bring the oxygen level in the blood back to normal. This is called oxygen therapy ("Carbon Monoxide", 2012)
There are two kinds:
1. The most common is breathing oxygen through a tight-fitting mask allowing you to breath 100% oxygen, instead of only the 21% in the air ("Carbon Monoxide", 2012).
2. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is another method. You lie in a full-body chamber that delivers oxygen under high pressure ("Carbon Monoxide", 2012)
Most people recover within a few days, when treated quickly. However, be sure to tell your doctor about any changes in vision, coordination, or behaviour that occur in the weeks after treatment ("Carbon Monoxide", 2012)
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