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Final Prezi

Photography and Photoshop

Casey Buenzli

on 11 December 2012

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Transcript of Final Prezi

PhOtoGraPhy AnD pHotoShoP Mining Reflection Light Composition Technique I like to use reflection because it gives the picture a more unique and mysterious look to a picture. I also like it because you can tell whats in the photo but it's not totally clear. Lastly, it may help you understand your topic more. The Photoshop technique that I found myself using the most is contrast. I like contrast the most because I love how it brings out the color more. I like how it make the darker colors darker and the brighter colors brighter. The importance of a mining packet... It helps you learn about new and famous photographers that you may have never heard of before Also, it may help you become inspired on your topic if you don't know what to do If you're like me and don't know what surrealism means a mining packet will help you Out of the nine Photography techniques I used light and reflection the most. I used light the most because I love the brightness and happiness that the sun gives in the picture Concept Critique Bridging Before Contrast After Contrast Casey Buenzli Describing, Analyzing, Interpreting, and Evaluating hleps you understand the work of art more because it makes you look into the photo more. It also might help you see something in the photo that other people might not be able to see. Maybe there is a deeper meaning to it I learned that you should be subtle and not over the top if you want to portray a concept in your work of art. LIGHT! :) REFLECTION! :) The thing that I learned about myself is that I should try new things. I learned that I use contrast a lot. (Almost every picture.) If I try new things it could make my photos better. Another thing I learned about myself is that I love taking pictures with light. (Like the sun!) I also learned that my favorite units were Observational, Facebook, and the Collage
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