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The Story Behind the Project

Taylor Deshaw

on 15 April 2010

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Transcript of Goodwill

The Story Behind the Project Goodwill
Founder: Rev. Edgar Helms 1902
Young Methodist Missionary First Church on Boston's South End Morgan's Chapel Started to give immigrants a "hand up" not a "handout" A Humble Start Meeting the Immediate Needs Went door to door with a burlap sack Collected clothing and household
items from wealthy Bostonians Expected to be able to just give the items away Found the immigants were too proud to just accept the items The First Goodwill store is Born Enlisted the help of members of his parish They repaired clothing
& fixed damaged items Set up a small operation
where they sold items
at a reasonable price Money went:
to parish members as wages
paid for basic education & language learning
of immigrants
Powerful Impact Today 100 years later providing
independence Services over 5 million people around the world 173 Regional Organizations in US & Canada Over 2000 stores Mission Statement & Values Goodwill Industries Incorporated increases
the dignity and quality of life for individuals,
families and communities by eliminating barriers
to opportunity and helping people in need reach
their fullest potential through work. Values
We treat all people with respect and dignity Stewardship
We honor our heritage by being socially,
financially, and environmentally responsible Ethics
We strive to meet the highest ethical standards Learning
We challenge each other to strive for
excellence and to continually learn Innovation
We embrace continuous improvement, bold creativity, and change What Did We Do? Worked an 1 1/2 every other week Sorted and hung up clothing Lessons Learned Christ Community Culture Character
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