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Taisuke Yamamoto

on 19 September 2012

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Transcript of segregation

Segregation and public facility in 1930s-1960s. Jim Crow Laws -Buses: All passenger station had separate waiting rooms or space and separate tickets window for white and black people. -Pool and Billiard rooms: It unlawful for blacks and whites to play together or in company with each other at any game of pool or biiliards. -Education: The school for white kids and black kids were separated. Civil Rights Movement -Intermarriage: It shall be unlawful for a white person to marry anyone except a white person. -Barbers: No colored barber shall serve as a barber to white women or girls. By Taisuke Yamamoto
Jakob Navarro -The Civil Rights Movement was a struggled by African Americans in the mid-1950s to late 1960s. -In early 1957, The Southern Christian Leadership Conference, a civil right group, is established by Martin Luther King, Charles K. Steele, and Fred L. Shuttlesworth. -In 1955, Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat at the front of the "colored section" of a bus to white passenger. In response to her arrest, the Montgomery black community launched a bus boycott that lasted over a year until the bus desegregated on Dec. 21, 1956. -In 1960, President Kennedy issued Executive order 10925. Prohibiting discrimination in federal government hiring on the basis of race, religion or national origin and establishing the president's committee on Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. (EEOC) -Civil Rights Movement is to achieve civil right equal to those of whites, including equal opportunity in employment, housing, and education, as well as the right to vote, the right of equal access to public facilities, and the right to be free of racial discrimination. Segregation -Segregation occurred mostly in the south. -Everything was split between colored and whites such as schools, hotels, bars, libraries, and restaurants. -Segregation means that the setting apart or separation of things or people, as a natural process, a manner of organizing people the may be voluntary or enforced by law. Bibliography -“Jim Crow Laws” Columbia Electronic Encyclopedia. Ebscohost. 11/01/2011.http://search.ebscohost.com/login.aspx?direct=true&db=mih&AN=39014687&site=src-live -“From the National Parks Service” http://people.sju.edu/~brokes/jimcrow.htm -Robert F Jefferson “segregation Racial” The Oxford Companion to United State history. Paul S. Boyer, ed. Oxford University press 2001. Oxford Reference Online. Oxford University Press. Saint Louis High School. 11 September 2012 <http://www.oxfordreference.com/views/ENTRY.html?subview=Main&entry=t119.e1373> -Gene R. Nichol "Civil Rights Movement" The Oxford Companion to the Supreme Court of the United States. Kermit L. Hall. Oxford University Press. 2005. Oxford Reference Online. Oxford University Press. Saint Louis High School. 18 September 2012 http://www.oxfordreference.com/views/ENTRY.html?subview=Main&entry=t184.e0211 -Parks, Rosa" The Oxford Dictionary of American Quotation. Hugh Rawson and Margaret Miner. Oxford University Press 2008. Oxford Reference Online. Oxford University Press. Saint Louis High School. 11 September 2012 http://www.oxfordreference.com/views/ENTRY.html?subview=Main&entry=t251.e1409 -Paul Finkelman "Segregation" The Oxford Companion to American Law. Kermit L. Hall, ed. Oxford University Press 2002. Oxford Reference Online. Oxford University Press Saint Louis High School. 11 September 2012 http://www.oxfordreference.com/views/ENTRY.html?subview=Main&entry=t122.e0829 -Segregation occured in the north but rarely only in some neighborhoods. - Racial segregation in the United States has meant the physical separation and provision of separate facilities. -Segregation is still happening today, mostly in school
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