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Learning Moment

No description

Kimberly Tansey

on 11 December 2012

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Transcript of Learning Moment

Kimberly Tansey
MATH 577 My Learning Moment Teaching Math can be frustrating! When it finally clicks! Especially to young students Sitting there and watching them struggle A lot of patience Thinking that even if you use the simplest of numbers, and manipulatives, that they may eventually catch on to the math involved

During Problem Solving Interview:
Compare and multiplication problems were the hardest
Direct Modeling was the only strategy known at the time; had not invented other strategies (counting, one to one correspondence, derived facts, etc.) in order to solve the problem It's not as easy as it looks Who have never been
exposed to certain
fundamentals and problems Trying not to help them too much Not giving the answer away too easily and quickly They may not get every one...

But when they do, it seems like the
struggle was worth it!
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