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BC Liberal Party Platforms

No description

Luxcia Kugathasan

on 17 May 2017

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Transcript of BC Liberal Party Platforms

Homes for British Columbians
Long Term Plan to Eliminate MSP Tax
" Provide a billion-dollar tax cut by phasing out MSP, starting with cutting premiums in half for families and individuals with family net income of up to $120,000 per year"

Effective by January, 2018

Possible thanks to the 2016/2017 surplus of about
$1.5 billion

Some promised benefits:
Greatly benefit the middle class
Largest tax cut in B.C. since 2007
Save up to $900/ year; $75/month

Some opportunity costs:
Expected to cost the province about $950 million
The provincial debt is forecast to climb from $66.6-billion to $69.7-billion
no reduction to PST or income tax

So far, the Liberals have already made this possible for 2 million families. They promised to further help another 2 million homes with their MSP tax cut once in power.

Coding in Classrooms for Grade 6 to 9
Effective: January 10, 2016 - 2020

addressing a chronic skills shortage in one of the few areas of the Canadian economy's progressing in – technology

Provides an increase in potential job opportunities
Employs 106,000 people currently
$14.1 billion in 2015

Deliver more support to BC's tech sector

Investing $87 million to introduce coding module to students
taxpayers money

Shift from focusing on natural resources

Develop vital and analytical skills for careers in tech and other sectors

Double the number of placements in the BC Tech co-op grants program to train post-secondary students by 2022

Canada forecast to be short more than 180,000 information, communications and technology workers by 2019

Goal to make mandatory courses of coding

Agree with platform
Cutting Small Business tax to 2%
Effective: April 1, 2017

help spur job growth

second lowest rate in the country

the Chamber noted the tax burden to the province appears to have been reduced by about $3 billion with this budget.

it’s the kind of break that can stimulate hiring and expansion

Litwin: “It’s never enough, but it’s a terrific start,”

the PST break on electricity is great because it doesn't just touch large industrial users, but it hits small and medium-sized business — those are big savings

(the BC Liberals had promised a 1.5 per cent rate in their last election platform)

business is taxed at a rate of 2.5 per cent for the first $500,000 of net income

Above this threshold, business net income is taxed at the general corporate tax rate of 11 per cent

Disagree with BC Liberal Party's platform
Support majority of the
BC Liberal Party

Take action, in lieu of postpone
BC Liberal Election Promises
By: An Nguyen, Luxcia Kugathasan, and Epsaa Yadav
Creating 1,000 new grads in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math
disciplines, on top of the 1,000 coming
Effective by 2022

BC is emerging as a leader in tech in Canada

Liberals want B.C. tech businesses to have access to talent close home

B.C’s tech sector employs more than 106,000 British Colombians, it also contributed $14.1 billion to the province’s overall economic output in 2015

Help more B.C. students study STEM subjects while staying close to home

University of Fraser Valley will receive 40 new seats, SFU will receive 120, BCIT will receive 150, and KPU will receive 70 as part of the plan
A disadvantage is that B.C. taxpayers will have to pay more in order for the future generation to receive a great education
100 Years of Clean Energy with Site C
Construction started in Summer 2015 and will end in 2024

Site C is the largest infrastructure project in B.C., and the largest clean energy project under construction in North America

Will cost B.C. about $8 billion to build

In the next 20 years B.C.'s population will grow by 1 million, and our need for power will grow by 40%

Will create thousands of jobs ranging from construction to goods and services contracts throughout the province.

Enough to power 450,000 B.C. homes

Economic benefits:
$3.2 billion to our province’s economy;
$40 million in regional government tax revenue;
$2.4 million per year to the Peace River Regional District;
$35 million in annual water rental payments to the province

In January 2017, Site C gave 195 jobs to Aboriginal people working for construction and non-construction contractors, 677 workers from the Peace River area, and 42 apprentices
Great land for farming is being ruined by the Site C dam
Many British Colombians feel that this dam is not necessary for their future
(you didn't see that coming did ya?)
Wait... Is there more?
the atrocity, the outrage...
Science is cool kids.

Site C what a good idea this is?
MSP? More like MSPlease
"Designed to help families and individuals who want to get a head start on investing in a new home"

Effective when in power

Possible through:
Raising the First Time Home Buyers’ Program exemption to $500,000, saving first-time home buyers up to $8,000
Introduced a 15% Foreign Buyers Tax in Metro Vancouver to cool off the housing market

Some promised benefits:
Help out the middle class family looking for their own homes
Also, greatly benefit the younger generations who want to move out and start a family
Offers interest-free loans up to $37,500 to 1st-time home buyers

Some disadvantages:
House prices on the rise again despite foreign buyer tax
Can be seen as being racist towards foreign by applying the 15% tax
Demand for renting housing will decrease
Look how happy he looks
"We all say things when we are trying
to get elected"
Christie Clark
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