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The Real Housewives of Vancouver

Group Media Presentation

Fiona Pang

on 31 July 2013

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Transcript of The Real Housewives of Vancouver

RHOV- On themsleves...
Main Characters
Gender Inequality
Gender Inequality
30 years old
Twice divorced
Buoyant, provocative attitude
Makes a living off marrying wealthy men
Loves to travel- visited 30 countries in last 4 years
Known as "Gold digger" on the show
Plays the field, enjoys her freedom
" Vancouver is a goldmine, and I love to go digging."

Mia, 26
Jody's Daughter
Co- owner of the Glass house
Has clothing line - M.I.A
Spoiled rich brat
Spends summers in Paris and London
Loves to shop and party
Famously gets nose job
Defends Jody in her feud against Mary
Emphasized Femininity- sexy designer dresses, Stilettos
Mary quit her career to take care of kids
Stereotypes of "Ideal Woman" - not realistic
Plastic surgery/Botox personal trainers/ chefs
Sending out wrong messages concerning body image?
Gender Inequality
Name of the show is "housewives" - signifying women are useless without men?
3 of the 5 women depend on their husbands for income
Embodies sexist ideologies, that a woman cannot be successful without a man (exception Jody &Reiko)
Show presents the notion men are more powerful- Patriarchy
Hegemonic Masculinity- the normative ideal of masculinity. Persona of being successful, reliable, man in "power", or other such traits linked to their manhood.
Gay men are portrayed as hairdressers and gossipy best friends
The Real Housewives of Vancouver
Jody bullies Mary for wearing a crop top, telling her she's too old to dress like that.
47 years old
Miss Ohio in 1986
witnessed two divorces
lives in a penthouse in Yaletownn with her 3 sons
left her singing career when her sons were born in order to take care of the family
recently decided to enter back into the music industry
Age: 37
lives in Shaughnessy with her husband and two daughters
Japanese-Canadian descent
thought about attending law school but when took the opportunity to marry and not work at all
very athletic and adventurous
owns many luxury cars including Ferraris 599 GTO and 458 Italia
"An ideology that suggests that people's relative worth is at least partly determined by their social and economic status."
Values power. The higher the income level, the more power and advantages/privileges a person has.

i.e. special viewing of The Room at The Bay. Jody bullies Mary accusing Mary of being unable to purchase items from the high end designer brands. Jody has a different attitude towards Mary because she thinks Mary cannot afford luxury goods (classism).
Capitalist Economy
workers: most amount of money with the least amount of effort

owners: least amount of money for the most amount of labour (efficiency)

i.e. Ronnie launches a new wine business. The working class produce the wine, labels, paperwork, etc. Ronnie (upper class) receives the most profit for doing no work other than supplying the money to open a business.

Ascribed Status:
The Rich Stay Rich
an advantage or disadvantage one receives from birth
Achieved Status:
those who are born in a lower class climb up to the upper class level in society due to their personal qualities
RHOV demonstrates the idea of the rich staying rich. All their children have the chance to attend school which allows them a higher opportunity to find work. Those who are born in a middle-upper class family are more likely to stay in their social class. The rich children have more given connections leading them to stay rich. i.e. Ronnie's son is managing the wine label. Mary's son got the chance to play as the guitarist for her performance. All of these are due to the fact they are related to their upper class mothers.
American vs. Canadian
- "Queen of Mean"
- self-made business woman
- has 2 daughters and 1 son
- owns an upscale boutique in West Vancouver
- often refers herself as "Martha Stewart on acid"
- "belief that human beings have distinctive characteristics and that one race has a right to more power and resources than another: often policies, systems of government are based on this belief"
- Dominant race: Caucasian

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills vs. Real Housewives of Vancouver

- Canadian series compared to American series is practically the same. Same idea, same concept
- Show originally debuted with Real Housewives of Orange County in 2006 and turned into a franchise.
-Vancouver is the first Canadian city to copy them
-Shows how mainly Canada is the shadow city of the United States because we copied an idea of theirs again - assimilated into their culture of entertainment

37:10 - 37:50
indirect institutional discrimination - “occurs when an action produces uneven results on a group or person because of an unlawful criterion, but lacks the intent of being discriminatory”
- one of the most common examples of this form of discrimination are the sizes of these women. All of the women on this show are petite, none of them are overweight and how viewers perceive women in Vancouver is that they are all petite and fit even though we are suffering from high obesity rates.

Multiracial Feminist Theory- “An approach that investigates race, class, and gender, and gives voice to women of colour who may feel alienated from traditional white feminism”

-As we witness in this show, the multiracial feminist theory investigates the values and traditions these white women may have.

- mother of five
-a woman who owns multiple homes side-by-side in an exclusive, waterfront area of West Vancouver, 200 acne Napa Valley vineyard, a yacht, and a private jet. As slice.ca describes her, she is “a domestic goddess, professional shopper, shrink, international jetsetter and mom.”
- happily married to her husband for 10 years
- A social butterfly, often leaving everyone wondering what she’ll do next

Works Cited
Giroux, Henry. Animating Youth: the Disnification of Children's Culture. Retrieved July 5, 2013, from http://www.henryagiroux.com/online_articles/animating_youth.htm

Mirfakhraie, Amir [compiled by]. (2011). Intersections Collection: Pearson Custom Book-Print on Demand Product. Toronto: Pearson Learning Solutions.
racial stereotype: “a stable and sweeping generalization about a category of people
-how jody uses chinese to communicate with the workers even though they speak english, she tries to communicate in their language but if you analyze what she says, it’s as if she’s making fun of the language.
Blaming the Victim

"a perspective that holds individuals responsible for the negative conditions in which they live."
suggesting the poor people are poor because they are lazy
i.e. Jody mentions several times she works for her money suggesting that her social status does not contribute to her wealthy being. Jody assumes everyone to have equal opportunity.
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