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Should School Change

No description

laura dowdy

on 2 February 2017

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Transcript of Should School Change

Should School Change
She is Wrong

My opponent is wrong because she is going with it. She thinks that teachers will be less grumpy ya I think not. My opponent says you won’t fail even when your half asleep. She says you will do better in school. That is why they shouldn’t change the hours.
Say No to It
Some people think that school should be changed to 12 am to 6 pm . I think we shouldn’t. Some people say that it is better for the older kids brains. I agree with all the people who say no to it. Scientists say that kids brains aren’t active in the morning but I say there wrong.
Keep It the Same
Those scientists are wrong. I think that kids are active in the morning and if we do it in the morning then we will practically be asleep all ready. They think that 30 minutes is a huge difference but I say it just a silly number. I say keep it the same way. They say it’s better for them to get up at school time.
Don't Take Us Away
If they change it kids won’t get to do the sports they love. They are wrong because bye then we would be grumpy and whiny. Now take a moment and think about the kindergarteners they will miss their parents and you don’t want to be the person who took them away from their parents now would you. I would not like to be the teacher by that time because all we will want to do is sleep
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