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Copy of intro to weather: convection and wind

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Natosha Daniels

on 26 September 2014

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Transcript of Copy of intro to weather: convection and wind

three types of heat transfer...
movement of fluids
direct contact
- electromagnetic waves travel through space
Intro to Weather: Convection and Wind
Wind is the movement of air from a region of high pressure to a region of lower pressure. These areas of high and low pressure are created from temperature differences caused by the sun heating the earth, which in turn heats the atmosphere.
Review of Density...
air moves from high to low pressure. The greater the pressure difference, the stronger the wind.
amount of mass in a given volume
higher density=more stuff packed in it
Density of water is 1.
cold water is more dense than warm water
N. Folarin 2011
Using your knowledge of convection and density, evaluate which time of day or night they should sail.
a wind from the sea that develops over land near coasts.
Caused by temperature differences between land and water.
During the day, the land is hotter, air is less dense.
Air rises and denser air over the sea rushes in to take its place.
Land Breeze
Water holds on to heat longer than land (specific heat).
At night, the water is warmer than the land.
Wind will reverse direction and come from the land to the sea.
When there is an area of high air pressure and low air pressure, which direction will the wind ALWAYS travel?
Captain Spongebob and his crew want to sail into
the Dominican Republic to reach their Treasure of crabby patties and gold.
Sea Breeze
High to Low!
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