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I1W3D1 Tuesday

No description

English4callcenters .com

on 24 October 2016

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Transcript of I1W3D1 Tuesday

Mental training
Practice your mental training with your coach and repeat with confidence
"We are E4CC, We are the best"
What are your goals?
What are you doing to achieve them?
You are very successful!
Mistakes are part of the process for success!
"Today is a great day"
"I am very successful"
"Mistakes are good"
1. "Authority position"
Grammar review
Your coach will explain to you the following grammar chart. Pay attention
Retelling the story
Watch the following video, and tell in your own words what happened.
Grammar test
Solve the following grammar test using the grammar you have learned
Fluency diet review
Review stars/goal/melody and have all students practice the repetitions
Make couples and discuss the following questions, then share your thoughts with the class. Your coach will ask for volunteers.
Conversation -
Beauty contest

Pair up and answer the questions below. Then share your answers with the class
Idioms - Phrasal Verbs
Let's take advantage of the following vocabulary, and include it in your daily speech.
Grammar test
Solve the following grammar test using the grammar you have learned
1. I ___ my homework yesterday.
a) did
b) didn't
c) do

2. The girl ____ at me.
a) watched
b) saw
c) looked

3. ____ study for the test?
a) did you
b) you did
c) I did
4. I ____ a delicious rice.
a) cooked
b) cooks
c) dis cook

5. My friend and I ____ the number 5.
a) was
b) were
c) am

Choose the correct answer
[VERB+ed] or irregular verbs

(I, you, he, he , it, we, they)
Regular verb
Start - Start
Irregular verb
Come - Came
I started
You started
He started
She started
It started
we started
they started
I did not start
You did not start
he did not start
she did not start
it did not start
we did not start
they did not start
Did I start?
Did you start?
Did he start?
Did she start?
Did it start?
Did we start?
Did they start?
Find the mistake
1. They didn't celebrated New Year's Eve
2. My friends did organized a fancy dress party.
3. They didn't talked to me.
4. I were very sad and lonely before I met her.
5. We didn't watched TV because there was a horrible program.

Do you like beauty contests? Why or why not?

What's your favorite part of the "Miss Universe" contest?

In your opinion which country has more beautiful girls?
What do you think about little girls beauty contest?

Do you think women in beauty contests are judged based on their physical appearance rather than on some other skills? Why?
Beauty sleep:
sleep; the sleep one requires

"You really need some beauty sleep, why don´t you go home and take the rest of the day to rest"

That´s the beauty of
the most satisfactory feature of something/ The best of...

"We got a great discount on the vacations package to France, that´s the beauty of working on a Travel agency"
Wh questions
How long...?
How many...?
How much...?
How often...?
Linking words:
First, First of all, at the beginning, then, after that, later, however, therefore, as soon as, in the meantime, suddenly, at the end, finally.
Tell me about a sad moment you had
45 seconds non-stop
10 repetitions each

Grammar review
Your coach will explain to you the following grammar chart. Pay attention
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