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Ben Swanson

No description

maryann carroll

on 9 June 2016

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Transcript of Ben Swanson

Spontaneous Generation
Spontaneous generation is the belief that creation forms of life are produced from non-living matter. An example would be maggots being hatched on meat. People in Ancient times thought that meat created the maggots. Later a group of scientists proved meat kept away from flies didn't produce maggots.
Religious explanation
The Belief of God (or gods) has been a mystery for centuries. In many religions the belief that a single god created the world and all its beings was, and still is, very popular. This lead to the start of many of the leading religions of today.
From space?
Recently a meteorite has been found containing what appears to be fossilized bacteria. This means that life may have not started on Earth, but on another planet, such as Mars.
All life created equal?
The thought and proof of a supernatural being having created all of life instead of the scientific explanation of evolution is also an option of life having been created on the planet Earth and possibly other planets.
Scientific explanation
The scientist Stanley L. Miller had a famous experiment where electric sparks were combined with a mix of gasses from the planet's prehistoric atmosphere and the result was organic materials, life.
Cell division
by: Ben Swanson
This explanation may have sparked any religion containing God.
Thanks for
How did life get on Earth?
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