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The Philippines

No description

Kristie Vanderzanden

on 8 June 2015

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Transcript of The Philippines

The Philippines
World's Prettiest Islands
2,000 species of fish live in the Philippines
200 species of reptiles
25,000 insects
The tarsier is the smallest monkey and lives in the Philippines
The Philippines' national bird is the Philippine Eagle
The Carabao is the national animal
Rice is served with every meal
Philippine food isn't spicy
Garlic is considered healthy
Popular foods include Adobo, Lechon, and Sisig
7,107 islands make up the Philippines
Early houses were built with bamboo and coconut.
Music is Filipino rock, hip hop, and other styles
Games are yo-yo, patinero, and sungka
Sports include horse racing, cock fighting, and volley ball.
The Philippines were settled 30,000 years ago
The 1st spaniard came in March 1521
Trade was centered around a ship that sailed from Acapulco to Mexico
British and Chinese cultures came with the 7 years of war
The U.S. controlled the Philippines for a period of time.
Baroque Churches
Banque Rice Terraces
Taal Volcano
Tubbataha Reef Marine Park
Chocolate Hills
The Philippines is the only Chistian nation in Asia
85% is Roman Catholic
Muslims are the largest non-catholic group
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