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Digestive System

No description

Natalia Tavares

on 26 May 2014

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Transcript of Digestive System

The beginning of the digestive trust, It starts by taking the first bite of food
Major Functions
Food Path
Digestive System
How the Digestive System
interacts with other systems
Fun Facts
Sadly there are many diseases associated with the Digestive System, two of which are Chron's Disease,and stomach cancer.
The Digestive system works with the circulatory system and the excretory system. The circulatory system is used to distribute nutrients throughout the body. It also carries chemical signals from endocrine system to control speed of digestion. The excretory system (kidneys & urination), filters compounds
An adults stomach can hold approximately 1.5 liters of material.

The average male will eat about 50 tons of food during his lifetime in order to sustain a weight of 150 pounds.

Within the colon, a typical person harbors more than 400 distinct species of bacteria

A full grown horse?? Their coiled up intestines are 89 feet long.

Food stays in your stomach for 2 to 3 hours.
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