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Dragon Ball z

Any realtions.

Colin McFall

on 5 June 2010

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Transcript of Dragon Ball z

Bardock Father of Goku Goku Goku's Family Gohan ChiChi Pan Videl Goten Dragon Ball z Planet Earth
All but Bardock, Goku, Vegeta
and Kami were born here. Gave Goku Golden Ozzuru and he gains power
through the feelings he learned on Earth Piccolo Dende Kami Namakians Home planet, Namek Kami spat out the evil
inside of him in the form
of an egg that piccolo
hatched out of. Took over Guardian
of Earth after the
fall of Freeza Guardian of the Earth
Until Piccolo needs him
to reunite their bodies The younger Piccolo
Reaked havic among
Earthings until Goku
defeats him. Then he
joined the Z fighters Earth's greatest protector
except for Cell saga.
He had 2 sons, Goten and
Gohan. Both surpased his
power that he had versus
Freeza. Goten was 5 and
Gohan was 8. Married Goku, she helped train
Goten, But made sure Gohan was
a scholar. She was the most willing
to go on an adventure.
She snuck on a space ship
to find the black star Dragon Balls
across the Galaxy. Daughter of Mr. Satan Earth's greatest
Champion, she was stronger then her father.
Gohan taught her about using energy, and
flying. Characters from Earth Evil Characters By the age of 3 Goku and Piccolo
realised that Gohan had a hidden
strength, where he could do
tremendous things, even by the
sayain standards Dr Gero, main villian in the
Beginning of Dragon ball
and he is added to Dragon Ball Z
as Evil Scientist who created
the Andriods 17,18,19, and 20
which is cell.

Later his Andriod 17 and Dr Muu's newly created 17,
combine to create Super 17, who gets defeated by ss4
Goku Raditz is one of the two brothers
of Goku. When Raditz gets to Earth
he is dissapointed when Goku doesn't
join up with him. In the end Goku died helping
Piccolo kill Raditz. Vegeta, he is the prince of Saiyans.
His first time to Earth he tries to kill everyone
but fails. Goku, let him leave alive after an
exhausting battle. He later joins with the Z force,
and has named Trunks, with Bulma. Freeza was the most powerful villan
in the galaxy close to Earth. He was
one that almost destroyed the saiyan race.
He feared that one day the saiyans would
become far to powerful for him to control.
Goku became the first super sayain and
beat freeza, but he didn't kill him.
Trunks was the one that killed him in the end. This is when Goku was on a different planet
and Gohan and Piccolo had to defeat him. This was one of the longest sagas.
Cell was just starting to form as the
andriods were rampaging through the cities.
He would not be ready for another 18 years.
When he found out that trunks went into the
past, he used the time machine. When he absorbed
the androids he holds a turnament for the z fighters.
In that time Gohan is able to train with Goku, and he
surpases his father in strength. Krillin, is one of the most powerful
humans on earth. He is goku's rival in
the orginal series, though they were
friends. Him and Goku both trained
with master roshi. Krilling was more
powerful until goku surpased him.
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