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causes of failure of democracy in pakistan

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majid khan

on 20 December 2013

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Transcript of causes of failure of democracy in pakistan

Monarchical rule of Afghans,Turks and Mughals.
The british practicing democracy at home but were
indulge in imperialism in India. They did not sincerely trained us in true meaning and working of democracy.
Pakistan did not pass through the gradual
stages of political evolution. therefore the
west political system did not matched the
political system of pakisran.
Miserable standards of living, in-equility in the
distribution of wealth are the bane of our social
As an agricultural country we face the shortage
of grains. The agriculture is at its medieval age.
Exploding population.
pressure on resources
Communication are poor. The people
are unaware of political changes in the country.
The proportion of educated and politically conscious people is insignificant.
Pakistan posses very few numbers of
politicians who have the sense of public
spirit. Most of the politicians are power hungry
who exploit the religious, provincial and other divisive sentiments of the people.
Gaurdians of democracy
1. Free press
2. Healthy opposition
The press is irresponsible. Its function is
to lay the facts before the public, to analyse
the situation objectively and to help citizens
to think clearly and make decisions with fuller
Pakistan intelligentsia and theologians are at loggerheads with each other. This is one of the reasons responsible for delay in framing the constitution.
Corruption is spreading in all branches of society
and a corrupt society can never be democratic
The Civil servants inheriting the British tradition, have done little to bridge the gulf between themselves and the public whose servants they ostensibly are.
Pakistan is gradually being lifted
out of its economic abyss, as education
is increasing and as political consciousness
is steadily on the rise. Democracy must enter
the hearts and minds of the people before it
can enter the precincts of parliamentary houses
or be written in a constitution.

Democracy has to be cultivated
as an attitude, formed as a habit
and acquired as a way of life before
it can be adopted in practice.
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