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my 4 year experience in high school

No description

olivia oliver

on 27 May 2014

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Transcript of my 4 year experience in high school

My 4 Year Experience in High School
Before i started high school my parents always used to tell me how these 4 years in high school will be the most important years in my life. But know at the end of senior year i had realized that it is not the most important 4 years just a long journey towards success.
freshman/sophomore year
Transferring from Patrick Henry to San Jacinto was very hard
Sophomore year went to Orange Glen
Nervous about a whole new experience with new surroundings
Meeting new people
Reserved-kept to self
Very shy and quiet
Junior/Senior year at helix
Still a little shy
Not as nervous
I do not care what any one else thinks about me
More confident
Determined to be successful
Helix is a great school that has prepared me better for collage then any other high school i have been to.
Most influential experiences
Community Service I helped out at a locale animal shelter called San Diego humane society
The benefits i have learned was helping animals get homes and learning how to take care of them.
Favorite classes
Research paper
Toddlers in Tiaras
Research question: should little girls 2-7 be put into child beauty pageants?
Influence: After watching reality show
Skills i learned were writing precis,citing,introducing quotes
Hardest part finding sources
Skills i learned for future: precis, works cited, and formatting.
Best part: interesting info how parents push their children into pageants that will affect health and self-esteem
Senior project
Future plans
Post High School
Grossmont Community college then a vet med university
Major in animal science,pre-vet and biology
Influenced future plans: Community service helping out animals in need and having many animals myself
Do overs?
get involved in school clubs and activities
Drama sophomore year-able to express myself more and become more open
Film as Lit. because helped me how to think more critically while watching a movie
Made a flannel quilt that was 5 by 5 with 162 squares and a sample mini quilt that was 12 by 12 for judges.
Donation to San Diego Rescue Mission shelter
Choose Project because wanted to learn how to sew and give to someone needy.
Skills learned:
Using sewing machine,cutting squares perfectly,cutting raw edge stitches every 1/2 inch for 600 cuts
What made me proud/exited?
Donation of it, sewing and completion
It took a lot of time and patience with hard work that payed off
Struggles i had:
braking needles while sewing, decorative stitch
goals in high school
get A`s and B`s
get involved in school
get a lot of community service hours
"The will to win, The desire to succeed, the urge to reach your full potential..... these are the keys that will unlock the door to personal excellence.
- Confucius
Thank You!!!!
Thank You!!!!
My family has always been supporting me throughout High school and has been pushing me to succeed in all my classes.
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