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William Shakespeare

No description

Jonathan Howe

on 11 March 2015

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Transcript of William Shakespeare

Shakespeare's Career In Theater and Literacy - necessary information
~ Shakespeare first appeared in print in 1592!
~ In roughly 1594, he became an important member of the Lord Chamberlain's company of players.
~For 20 years, Shakespeare devoted himself to writing game-winning poetry- the highest of quality!
~He stopped his writing career in 1613!
~ He wrote over 1 million words in poetic drama.
~ Shakespeare started writing plays in 1590.
~ He became an actor and dramatist in 1592!

His poetry is as important as the assisting pass.

His works of art on a piece of paper are better than the curved shot winning goal!

We like the game of soccer just as much as we like his poetry.
The Career of William Shakespeare
The Career of William Shakespeare- His poetry is a game winner!
Project By:
The Awesome team Of
Jonathan Howe
Mark Roof
Daniel "Danny" Waldheim
Shakespeare's Works in the Writing Department!

He wrote 17 comedies,
10 histories,
10 tragedies,
and created 5 works of poetry!
All of these masterpieces are
-Daniel "Danny" Waldheim found the delete button on the keyboard.
-It's his favorite button.
-Danny deleted all the information on this slide.
-And he deleted the information on seven other slides.
-Also he deleted the slides.
-We still love Danny though.
This slide used to have stuff on it
I love Poetry [Image]. (n.d.). Url:
William Shakespeare [Illustration]. (n.d.).
-Mark found it fun to mess with the lines on the field that show the passing routes
-Jonathan liked blaming Danny
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