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PDI | M2 | The Investor's Toolkit

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Transcript of PDI | M2 | The Investor's Toolkit

As a potential property developer or investor, you will need to equip yourself with the correct tools in order to implement your investment objectives.

This presentation will explore several useful concepts and tools that will guide you towards growing your investment or business.
Deal flow
Deal flow is a qualitative term used to describe the rate at which investment offers and business proposals are being presented to potential investors.
A funding institution's deal flow can be generated from multiple sources such as, initial private offerings (IPO), private placement, acquisitions, and mergers.

While larger institutions can handle this diverse range of investment opportunities, smaller institutions tend to focus on deals that fall into their particular area of expertise.
As an individual looking for an investor, you want to find a funding institution with good deal flow. This means an institution that has sufficient deals to keep them profitable, but without being overwhelmed by new work. If this is the case, they are more likely to provide enough attention to your proposal. Another increasingly popular source of funding is the use of crowdfunding.
Due diligence
Pricing strategies
Due diligence is an investigation into the credibility of a business proposal. It delves into the risks associated with an investment opportunity by reviewing financial statements, annual reports, and any other information pertinent to the transaction.
As an investor, conducting due diligence will determine whether or not the proposed investment meets your investment objectives. It will determine the worthiness and risks associated with the investment, and will provide an indication of the expected returns you will receive.

In the case of a property acquisition, a seller may conduct due diligence on a buyer in order to establish whether or not the buyer has adequate capital to purchase the property.
Marketing is the ability a company or individual has to attract the correct consumer market for their product. The aim of a marketing campaign is to attract new customers, grow a business, or increase the sale of a product.
Consider the following points when marketing your property:

Know your customer
- Understand what your client needs and how your property can meet that need. Use this information to attract the right tenants to your building.
Find the right platforms
- Make use of the most effective marketing platforms to reach your target audience.
Build lasting relationships
- It is important to build lasting relationships with all current and potential clients. Having a good reputation will ensure your business grows steadily.
The ability to effectively delegate is an important skill that can save you time and money. Regardless of the size of your project, your ability to delegate tasks is essential to your project's success.
When running a project, you will have a project team with members who need to clearly understand their responsibilities.

A useful tool to help you delegate successfully is to apply the SMARTER acronym.
The SMARTER acronym states that delegated tasks must be:
Copywriting refers to marketing content that is published either through online or print media. Copy is written to attract a client's attention and to create brand awareness.
The aim of copy is to encourage a client to perform a particular action. The copy should be compelling enough to encourage this. Effective copy is important as it will direct potential clients to your website. Additionally, it is an expression of your authority, and plays a significant role in developing trust between you and your clients.
Conducting research into the property market will ensure you pursue the correct pricing strategy for your property.
In an industry where property prices are always changing, you will need to conduct thorough research to determine the correct asking price. This can be done by:

Examining local absorption rates which will determine the demand for your property.
Conducting comparative research into the asking prices of similar properties in your area which will give you an idea of what your property's market value is.
This presentation has shown the different tools you can use as a property entrepreneur. As you navigate the property market you will have to know about:
Deal flow
Due diligence
Pricing strategies
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