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UWABC Overview for MGST Conference Call

No description

Gina Gallo

on 17 January 2013

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Transcript of UWABC Overview for MGST Conference Call

Middle School Success Activities Success Impact Other Data Asheville City Schools:
4000 students
one middle school
85.9% graduate
Buncombe County Schools
25,500 students
seven middle schools
77.9% graduate Our Team: In partnership with the YMCA and Hands On, we will establish a community school pilot project at Enka Middle School. United Way of Asheville
and Buncombe County MSS has assisted in the expansion of afterschool and summer programming that serves almost 150 additional students. 200 students and their families (Summer Discovery and Enka Community School)
Focus on two middle schools
Systemic affects:
Community school pilot to be replicated at other schools
Creation of new advocates
District-wide focus on expanding summer program * Multimedia marketing campaigns and their results from 2011 and 2012

* UWABC Expertise
Ann Von Brock: UW business model, strategic planning, measurement
Gina Gallo: youth development, evaluation of OST programs, school- community relationships Challenges A completely new data system for NC public schools
A new principal at Enka Middle School
Transportation issues Middle Grades Success
and Transitions Plan Our Goal:
To create success-ready 9th graders in Buncombe County. At United Way of Asheville and Buncombe County

David Bailey, President and CEO
Ann Von Brock, VP of Planning & Community Investment
Lance Edwards, Community Investment Director
Gina Gallo, Youth Success Manager
Michelle Bennett, Hands On Asheville-Buncombe Director
Vicki Lloyd, Marketing and Communications Director From the Community

Robin Myer, Big Brothers/Big Sisters of Western NC
Sharon Fish, Buncombe County Schools Graduation Initiative
Shelagh Byrne, Asheville City Schools Foundation
Heather Deifell, YMCA of WNC
Travis Herbert, Asheville City Schools Foundation
April Dockery, Asheville City Schools
Susan Andrew, Buncombe County Schools Outcomes
An established and replicable community school model for our county.
A Women's Leadership Council that is focused on middle school issues.
Expanded and improved 8th to 9th grade summer/transition programs. Asheville City Schools consistently has one of the largest achievement gaps in the state.

3rd-8th grade students proficient in both math and reading on 2011-2012 End of Grade tests, Black/White gap:
North Carolina - 29.9
Asheville City Schools - 50.9 While the graduation rate at all county high schools has improved, the rate at Enka High School (feeder high school for Enka Middle) sits stubbornly below the county rate at 74.8% During our spring MSS marketing campaign, members of our Women's Leadership Council will conduct community conversations using PBS Frontline's "Middle School Moment" video and conversation guide. With representatives from both K-12 school systems and our community college, we will expand the number of middle school students attending summer programs on the college campus. "Summer Discovery program serves 200 students."
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