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Enterprise Day 2010

Enterprise day- a chance to co-operate and socialise with the community. A opportunity to be creative, and work as a team to create a outstanding business. An one chance to become and entrepreneur.

Rianna King

on 24 April 2010

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Transcript of Enterprise Day 2010

Enterprise Day 2010 What was Enterprise Day about Enterprise Day was a chance for all year 8 students to express their creativity. It allowed us to become team workers but also independant enquirers. Our aim was to create unique, useable products. Us students had to run our own buisnesses and become enterprenuers. It gave us a chance to socialise with our class and become involved in opportunities within the school. Enterprise was a success and i will be able to explain how, in full detail as you continue my path to business achievement. The Products The products were amazing. so vibrant and so creative. In total ALL the products were phenomenal. The achievement rate was extremely high and some people hand made some beautiful and tremendously hard products. As proven by the total of money made the products were popular by the target audience. Roles.......
Deputy Manager Human resources Finance Design and development Marketing and Advertising The Teams and Who did what Club Cocktail DFA Mad Hatters Rave n Save
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